BY Herbert Mtowo

I hope by now women you are all aware that, a man needs you to be his poet – not his reporter. You see, to connect to a man’s heart, you need to speak from yours! Are you a Reporter or a Poet? And… Why do you need to know? The simple definition is: A reporter states the facts. A poet shares her feelings ABOUT the facts. Listen to me women; every man wants to get close to a woman who is feeling something down to her toes. Imagine you’re standing on a hilltop with a man you really like – maybe even love – and you’re standing in front of a gorgeous sunset. Imagine what it would feel like to not say anything. To watch the sunset with this man in silence. Do you have an urge in this imaginary place to make a verbal connection with the man? To touch him? To say something that will connect you?

What would it be like if you just smiled? If you just felt that sunset down to your toes and smiled? What if you allowed yourself to feel the full amazingness of the sunset? This is true of men, from talking and relating to men and being a man myself, I know that the man who’s standing next to you when you feel the sunset down to your toes and smile at him will: Turn around and look at you. He will look at you, and he will try to get closer to you. Why? Because everybody wants to be near someone who is having an amazing experience!

Now let’s say he does smile at you. Maybe he says something like “uhhh…” while he’s The Poetstaring at you.
What is it you want to say? Are you going to be the “Reporter” of you and “report” what you see and what you think? Or are you going to be a “Poet” of you and express what you’re feeling? It might seem like it makes very little difference – but truly, it makes all the difference in the world to love and romance. Every man has a deep want to be in a connected and secure relationship, with a woman who pours her heart; words are like magnet to men. I want to help you to be that one one-In-A-Million woman your man never wants to lose. Women do you know what your man honestly needs to feel desperately in love and stay utterly convinced that you’re the only woman for him? And the key is in being a poet and not a reporter.

A Reporter would say, “What a beautiful sunset.” She would say, “It’s orange and pink and purple.”
A Poet would say, “I feel like a teenager back in my old room feeling all lovely and surrounded with stuffed animals. I can feel my heart pounding being so close to you here.”

The poet melts the man`s heart. The Reporter gets the friends, gets the business deals, and gets a few dates with a masculine-energy man. The Poet gets the romance, and holds the man’s heart in her hands. The Poet – to the man – seems confident. She seems comfortable in her own skin. She seems happy to be herself.

The Reporter – to the man – seems smart. She also seems tense. She’s all facts, all business, and all description. She doesn’t speak with life she speaks convincingly and informatively but not lovingly.

If what you want is a man’s heart, and not just his mind –then you have to learn and be the Poet, speaking with your emotions and from the heart and life and believe you me you will be HIS Poet. Reporter minded women drive men away but the poets know how to have a man`s heart in their hearts and hands. The skill and power of a poetic loving woman can never be denied and looked down upon. How do you talk or communicate with your man, are you his poet or you are his reporter?

Finally, I want you to remember this: A man can go a lifetime wishing he finally met a woman who understood him at a deep level – his needs, his fears, his hopes and dreams. And when he finally finds that woman, he feels so good that he simply can’t help himself from wanting to be with her all the time.

I want you to be that woman… and experience for yourself the incredible feelings that come from truly getting each other. Because once a man feels you’re the woman who truly understands him, he’ll naturally and effortlessly give you all the love, understanding and security YOU’VE been wishing for.