Resolving conflicts in relationships

Children dealing with issues

Have you ever heard the Gretchen Wilson song “The Bed”? It talks about a woman lying in bed crying, just wishing that her husband would reach out to her, “if he’d just reach out she’d forget about all the times that he let her down, Oh but in his mind everything’s all right when the lights go out,” the lyrics go. When he finally does lean over in bed to say I love you, “… all he finds are pages full of words she’d never said.”

Remember if you don’t communicate your feelings and your spouse isn’t getting a proper read on your body language, you’ve got to just come out and say what you’re feeling and what is on your mind. One thing that has helped my wife and I with communicating about issues and distress is to agree on certain rules about arguments (or discussions). Top 5 rules to agree upon for conflict resolution with your spouse:

Make an agreement to not bring up past problems that have already been resolved; this is not necessary and just adds more problems during conflict resolution. The last thing you need when you are down is to be reminded that you forgot to take out the trash last week, especially when you are discussing what is bothering you now. You should-be talked about the trash last week, not now.

Try to resolve the issue on the day that the issue occurs, not months down the road, so that everything is fresh in your mind and not trying to rebuild the scenario over again because you’ve stewed about it for a month and have allowed your mind to exaggerate the issue. Ephesians 4:26 states, “In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.”

Give each other time to speak, take turns talking, and do not interrupt. Try to stay on subject and allow the other to respond before changing the subject. Don’t keep repeating yourself. State the facts and talk about what is truly bothering you, then allow your spouse to respond and listen. Think about what you are going to say before you say it, it helps if you listen fully to what your spouse has said, let it sink in before saying something rash that you’ll regret. “A wise man’s heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction (Proverbs 16:23)”

Once all the facts are out there and your spouse knows how you are feeling and has been given a few minutes to respond, take time to ponder how the other person feels without talking and try to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. Seriously contemplate this without any distractions if you can; this also allows you to cool down a bit, which many times has opened up my eyes and my spouses eyes to the other person’s point-of-view. Try to move on to step 5 before you go to bed that night; this is important, as without the last step this problem is not truly resolved and you will have a hard time following rule 1 and this issue will come up again if not fester and burn you up inside.

Apologize, forgive, and forget (don’t bring it up again; see rule 1). You’ve just spent some time contemplating what was done, what you did, and what your spouse did. Where could you have done better, accept that, apologize, and try to change that aspect in your life (if you can). Accept the apology from your spouse and truly work in your heart and soul to forgive them.

If both you and your spouse agree to follow these guidelines, your arguments will be fewer and will be resolved much easier.

Foundations to Building a Strong Marriage

Don’t let menial things destroy your marriage. You need to build your marriage on a proper foundation. Before you build a house, you have to lay the foundation. The same is true for a marriage as well. What is this foundation I’m talking about, read these 5 foundations of a healthy marriage to help prevent you from being a statistic.

1) Have realistic expectations:

You can’t just say, “I do” and expect magic to happen; you’ve got to have realistic expectations. Don’t go into a marriage expecting to change the person or thinking that the person will change, because that is the person you are marrying and they’re NOT going to change. You know who you’re marrying now, don’t be upset if they’re still the same person 5 years from now. The marriage ceremony will not make your marriage better; a grandiose wedding ceremony does not equate to a better marriage. I’ve known people who spent hundred’s of thousands of dollars and were divorced within 9 months; they couldn’t even make it a year, so believe me a wedding ceremony doesn’t make a better marriage. Think about what marriage is to you, ask your partner what they think marriage is. Talk about your notions and expectations before you decide to marry one another. Are your expectations realistic? Before things get too heated, read the next item.

2) Communication and Intimacy:

I’ve heard the statement “God, gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you speak.” There is many truth to that, think about it, if you listened and truly listened to your spouse, how much more in-tune do you think you’d be to his/her emotions. Listening also gives you a chance to receive the true message that your partner is trying to convey; all too often the message is lost during transmission and we jump to conclusions before we’ve even finished processing the information. Listening doesn’t involve just your ears either. How many times have you asked someone, “What’s wrong,” only to get a, “nothing” in response? If you only heard the word, “nothing” then you probably just said, “Okay,” and walked away. This may have worked when you were dating, but not-so-much now. There’s more to communication than just listening, if you’ve ever taken any sort of public speaking or communication classes then you may have heard of the 7-38-55% rule, where the words we say account for 7% of the message we are trying to convey, tone of voice accounts for 38%, and our gestures and actions actually make up over half of the message. Go back to the situation where you ask your husband or wife, “What’s wrong,” they say nothing. Look at their body cues and posture and their facial expressions; body-language is a huge part of communication.

I know this next part is probably not really thought of as communication, but we’ve just discussed that communication is 55% of body language, so I think that sex is a huge part of communication. How long would your marriage last if you and your spouse didn’t talk for 1 month, or 3 months? On the same note, how long do you think it will last if you don’t have sex for 1 month, 3 months, or even 9 months or more? No, you’re right, but a lot of people who I know who try to make a marriage work without having sex with each other for months at a time, even years. It’s no wonder things end disastrously. Men and women both need this sexual contact and intimacy with one another, so don’t doom your relationship by turning down sex every night (especially out of anger or a fight), but there are times when you should agree to not have sex. It should be something that both partners want when having it, but every once in a while you’ve got to take one for the team and have sex, that is if you want your marriage to work. I’ve heard the excuse, we just don’t have time, but I tell you that you need to make time, try to set up a date with each other for at least one night a week where you can spend this intimate time together and strengthen your lines of communication. Part of communication is listening and being in-tune with your partners needs and desires not just talking.

3) Congruent Belief-System or Moral Standards:

I’m not saying that you both have to be Catholic, or whatever belief system you may be, but a lot of times problems start in the marriage when you have two different sets of belief systems. Especially when children are brought into the mix and one person wants to take part in certain rituals and rites that the other person may not hold dear. Here you have to really weigh why you want your child to go through a certain ceremony, or why not. If you aren’t married and don’t have kids, now would be a good time to talk about your expectations in these matters.

Another important aspect of congruent belief-system is does your partner have the same idea about what marriage is, what about relationships outside of marriage? If you go into a marriage with a skewed idea of marriage and don’t have the same moral standards when it comes to sexual relationships outside of marriage what will prevent this person from doing so. If you know where your partner stands on these certain issues then it shouldn’t become a problem down the road. Remember, you can’t change your partner, nor should you expect your partner to change after you are married. If your partner is an Atheist and you’re a Protestant, don’t expect your partner to all of a sudden start going to church with you, or quit going to church if you’re the Atheist. You know who you’re marrying this falls back on number 1 (don’t expect your partner to change), so you should talk about where you stand on certain issues so that they shouldn’t be a problem in the future; go through major components of your beliefs and moral code and discuss: marriage, sex, children, and anything that you think of that could be a problem. If your partner can’t change that aspect of their life or come to some sort of compromise or there aren’t any alternatives, and you’re already married you will have adapt and overcome. If you’re not married and no compromises can be met, maybe you should think about what type of toll this could put on your relationship in the future if this situation were to arise (remember you know your partner now, they will not change after you are married); you’re not breaking God’s covenant if you decide not to get married, it’s better to back out before and be judged by people, then to back out after and be judged by God.

4) Unity:

When two people become married, they should now act as 1. In Genesis, the bible speaks of 2 people leaving their parents, it uses the word cleave, which is to cut off. This means cut-off the ties and the reigns your parents had, as you are now your own family and are responsible only to each other and God. I’m not saying avoid your parents completely, but they shouldn’t have any sort of rules over you and your spouse, and when you have problems, you should not seek them for comfort as this has many times turned one spouse against another; if you need to seek some help, find a pastor or counselor.

5) Self-Sacrifice and Submission:

Now that you are a married couple you must quit putting yourself first and put your husband/wife first. You must submit to each other; no that doesn’t mean to become their slave, but going back to communication, which is probably one of the most important aspects of making a marriage work, you must be in-tune with your partners needs and be willing to work with them and compromise toward satisfying each other. Not everything needs to be a compromise or a negotiation, but if you’ve ever taken communication classes or management classes you may have talked about negotiating; you are looking for the win-win situations in everything that you absolutely must “negotiate,” but every once in a while you will have to take one for the team or compromise. That’s what you are now as a married couple, a team. I don’t know any teams that want to lose… I hope you aren’t setting your team up for failure.

Please feel free to comment and add some value to the conversation.
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Be the Keeper of the Sexual Flame

making love is an art and skill to be learned

By Marry Lengley

A woman is like a flame which keeps man passionate. She glows softly when you do intimate love-making with her. She burns brightly when you do wild love-making her. Her body is like a sexual flame which ignites passion in every man. In addition, each expression on her face speaks thousands of words. Believe it or not, experts and artists are still finding the mysteries of a woman. According to them, if you want to be the keeper of the sexual flame then you have to learn that how to keep the flame alive. Experts believe that there is not any technique which can help you in winning the heart of women because every woman is different. However, if you want to win the heart of a woman and make her worship you then you have to learn the distance between two points.

A woman is like the distance between two points. One point is extreme emotional and another point is extreme sexual. Your success depends on the length of the line. If you are dominating the lengthy line then it means that you are holding your woman well, emotionally and sexually, and enjoying intimate life. Actually, I am telling you all these things because I do not want to teach you that how to catch small fishes. I want to tell you that how to turn your small fish into a sexual whale and dominate the oceans, which are filled with billions of small fishes.

HOW TO DO INTIMATE LOVE MAKING? (Turn Your Fish into a Sexual Whale)

Before doing intimate love-making, it is very essential to connect with her heart and nature. Intimacy generates when you connect with her heart and unlock the sexual desires of a woman. Remember, we are not here to talk about quickies. We are here to enjoy the intimacy with our women for hours. So, how can you connect with your woman and unlock her sexual side? Well, it is very simple. Just turn her into a playful girl with secret stimulation techniques.

There are some secret stimulation techniques that intensify the senses of women without getting physical. First of all, I am going to tell you that how to create an intimate environment with some stimulation techniques and turn her into a playful girl. Before turning her into a playful girl, it is fundamental to create intimate environment. Perhaps, you have never noticed the power of your environment, but now you have to use this power properly.
Silk sheets always intensify the sensations in intimate love-making sessions. Use silk sheets often for increasing intimacy. Also, scented candles are better than electric lights. Candle lights are very soothing and magical for girls. That’s why; they love to go for candle light dinners with their men. It appeals women and bring erotic emotions inside them. If you want to create dynamic environment then you should use the power of yellow candle lights. She not only feels exotic but also achieves greatest pleasure with you while doing romance in yellow candle lights. Yellow color stimulates her naughty desires and turns your average romance into x-rated romance.
In intimate love-making session, you do everything very smoothly with erotic stimulation techniques. Relax her as much as you can and slow down your moves. When you slow down your movements and keep the environment soothing, you automatically generate anticipation. The beauty of anticipation is that it keeps the flame burning to meet maximum sexual pleasure. Anticipation escalates intimacy in the environment and stimulates woman’s sexuality. A woman keeps on feeling sexual sensation when you generate anticipation.

As you have noticed, every little detail matters for creating intimacy. Also, you have to use some stimulation techniques to bring eroticism in the environment. For women, a man who keeps the eroticism alive is extremely sexual. These above tips not only connect you with her emotionally but also seduce her mind in a magical way. Remember, you can never do intimate love-making with a woman if you do not connect her emotions with you.


In intimate love-making, it is all about enjoying a woman’s body thoroughly with many stimulation techniques. There are many things to consider before enjoying a woman’s body. For example, you should keep her feet warm to maximize the sexual feelings inside her. It is very necessary to have warm feet for enjoying the intimacy during love-making sessions. You can massage her feet and make her yours forever.

If you want to increase the intimacy then always start stimulating her outside the bedroom. You can stimulate her by doing many things. For example, play with her fingers or feed her with your hands. By feeding her with your hands, you not only start touching her in playful ways but also make her laugh with excitement. My one friend always uses this technique for seducing women. He blindfolds a woman with scarf, holds her hands and feeds her with his hand. He told me that it is the greatest way to start touching her and make her laugh with sexual excitement. You can also use this stimulation technique to create sexual excitement. As I said before, it is very essential to turn your fish into a sexual whale before enjoying intimate love-making sessions.


faith my lifeHerbert Mtowo
By Herbert Mtowo

Faith is taking a stance on something without wavering… forever. Faith is unyielding. Faith is unstoppable. Faith is unrelenting. Faith moves mountains. Faith conquers. Faith overcomes all obstacles. Faith digs its heals in and will not be moved. Faith is like concrete, the longer it stands the stronger it gets. Faith makes no sense.
I heard a quote which says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. I absolutely disagree with that statement. In my opinion insanity is doing the same thing over and over then quitting before you see results.

I remember as a child being told by my mom that I couldn’t leave the table until I had all of my porridge. OK, let’s face it folks, there are some things in God’s creation that just weren’t meant to be eaten. For me, porridge was my arch-enemy as a child. And when issued the “challenge” of remaining at the breakfast table until my porridge was finished, I was ready to sit at that table until Jesus returned. As that lonely child seated at the breakfast table, I made the decision that my porridge was not going to be eaten and that was that. Nothing could be said, or done to move me once my decision had been made. Generally I was a stubborn child growing up I would not be pushed around or made to do what I didn’t want to do. Such stubbornness is required in our faith and walk with God.

Faith is stubborn. Faith in God’s Word combined with the human will is an unbeatable combination. Just think about all the amazing things man has done. All the inventions, positive causes, and achievements man has succeeded in. I’m amazed when I hear stories like that of Walt Disney, who was told that his idea of building an amusement park in Orange County CA. would never come to pass. But all it takes is one man with an unstoppable vision to build a legacy that will last forever.

Did you know that Walt Disney was turned down over 60 times for a bank loan to fund Disneyland? Earlier in his life he was fired from a newspaper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. What if Mr. Disney was easily moved by opposition? What if he allowed what others said about him and his ideas to diminish his vision?
Great men have done great things based on the human will alone. Now just imagine what you can do with God’s Word guiding you, and the Holy Spirit within you! We have within us world overcoming faith (1 John 5:4). All we have to do is apply that faith as a stubborn child who refuses to eat his vegetables.

What vision has God placed within you? What is it in life that you have a burning desire to accomplish? No matter how daunting the vision, God placed it in you for a reason. I urge you, not to leave this earth with your dream unborn. Step out in faith and refuse to be denied. Fight the good fight of faith and develop a testimony for future generations of what God can do in the lives of those who take a stand and refuse to give up.

MAN –The mystery to understand in love.

By Herbert Mtowo

Man longs to be understood.

Man longs to be understood.

Having been a Psychology lecturer for years, one of my fascinations and interests in Psychology was the Cognitive part and Behavioral Psychology and how they both help in understanding human beings, more so the depths of understanding social psychology how it forever shapes our personalities and who we are and have become today.

As a woman, are you amazing at everything except understanding male psychology? Are you able to understand all the important people in your life except when it comes to the man you’re in love with? Do you work hard on your relationship but feel like you’re getting little out of it? Well, if you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, maybe you just need some help understanding the ins and outs of male psychology. Over the years I have seen men evolve and become a stranger among-st the women who love them because men women aren’t schooled enough to understand this evolving creation of God and how best to relate to him.

One thing that shouldn’t be surprising is that men want excitement and mystery. For your relationship to thrive, you need to learn how to keep those elements going. After you’ve been together for a while, things can get comfortable and predictable. While that’s nice, it’s not too exciting. In fact, it can get downright boring after a while. When you’re at work; routines, organization, and hard work are admired and rewarded. Your boss likes it because he knows what to expect from you. Men hate unstable environments, everything moving, job losses, city loses, body not working good, major surgery, because of such men panic because he is now in an unstable environment. And such affect their relationships with the women who love them, but they would still try to be in control of their feelings and environments. Men eventually will struggle to do in an unstable environment.

But when you’re at home, unless there’s a little excitement and spontaneity, your man can easily lose interest. Instead of seeing you as a desirable woman, he may start to see you as somebody to cook, clean and take care of chores. If you understand the male psyche, you won’t allow that to happen. While keeping the excitement in a relationship is important, you want to couple that with an aura of mystery. This is the stuff that can drive your man crazy. And it’s easy to do.

While you don’t want to out-and-out lie to him, sometimes it’s better to leave him guessing than to tell the truth. If he really wants to know, let him draw it out of you one detail at a time. Who knows, he may even learn to like having a conversation, if you can make it fun for him. One thing that you may be unaware of is that men are not the confirmed bachelors that many of them pretend to be. They really want it all. Most men need and want to have a loving and secure relationship with a caring woman. Although they may be reluctant to admit it, emotional intimacy is very important to them. A sexual relationship is better when it’s shared with the woman they love. Men want someone to share their thoughts and feelings with. You can be that “all” for them.

But even though they want and need those things, men can be easily distracted and get involved with women who are totally the opposite. It really doesn’t make sense, does it? But what happens is that instead of searching out a woman who has the qualities that he is looking for in a woman, he settles because it’s easier.

It’s hard to resist a woman who basically throws herself at him. And when he’s young, there are lots of available women who do just that. But as a man gets older, he gets smarter and realizes that he wants more. It’s at that point that he starts looking for a woman to share his life with. Now that you understand a bit more about male psychology, here’s what you can do to attract the man of your dreams.

Aim for classic and sexy, and not cheap or uptight. Men like it when a woman dresses in a flirt, feminine way. Show off your assets but not too much of them. Keep him guessing a little. Drop a few hints now and again, but don’t tell all. Your personal life and your work life are two separate things. Keep it that way. Let your cell phone ring, especially if you’re at work or busy. Don’t drop everything to leap for the phone. Make him leave a message and get back to him later. Let him experience what it’s like to be waiting for a phone call or a text message. Be in a hurry once in a while when he calls and get off the phone quickly. Don’t give him a blow-by-blow description of your girl’s night out.

It’s slightly old-fashioned but the fact remains that it makes a man feel good to be the leader. Men love to be in charge. It makes them feel, well, manly. He’s not showing a lack of respect for you when he takes the lead in your relationship. It’s actually his way of taking care of you and showing you that he is a capable of looking after things. So don’t get upset with him or with the situation. Instead, why not take the attitude that you don’t have to be the one in control and just go along for what could be a very enjoyable ride?

Acceptance and compromise are great ways to nurture your relationship. Accept your man’s wish for control and excitement. Giving him what he needs will lead to you getting what you need too.

If you think about it, understanding the Psychology of man is not that difficult. It’s simply a matter of looking at how men think about and approach different situations, and then responding accordingly. If you respond in the right way, you are creating a secure and happy environment for both of you. A man could be having a problem or problems but all his problems aren’t about you, he needs you to compliment him and help him. Man wants a woman who completes him than compete with him, and you end up having a contest at home and the environment becomes unstable because man has competed all his life and tired of competing and the last he wants to compete with is his spouse. There is more flourishing in a relationship where there is completion than competition. No man wants to be attracted to a woman he is competing with but completing with.

Cheating is self-inflicted pain

Herbert Mtowo

Extramarital affairs and cheating in relationships is unquestionably an act capable of damaging the very foundation of your domestic life and taking away your happiness. It is the sword that cuts the hearts of two former lovers turning them into enemies living under the same roof. And statistics clearly point to cheating as the number one marriage and relationship destroyer. It’s a sobering to realize how many relationships and marriages have died at the mercilessness at its brutality.

Cheating partners are famous for the challenging and agonizing lives they led. If you are cheating on your wife or husband, no matter how you view it, your life will have you running in circles. You will lose your peace right from the inside of you. You will quickly learn that the whimsical happiness that you probably have gained outside your relationship was only temporary and will eventually elude you. It seldom lasts without end and in fact, it is most capable of growing cold just as quick as it got hot.

Agony of cheating In the first place, you will lose calm at home particularly when the other person begins to suspect you. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to cover your cheating escapades for long. The signals eventually show and it will have to come out. Marriage and deeply committed relationships are such intense unions that they touch the very soul and the spirit. Love of this nature is a union of the body, the soul and spirit.
When the breach of having an affair happens, the bond is ruined and it will soon become obvious. In the beginning, it may not display in the physical realm, but the fact is, the revelation of the truth resonates into the realm of spirit and soul. As soon as you begin to cheat on your other half, the other person will eventually sense it. This is true because, the cheater is the other half-self of the spouse or betrothed. Both people have become one by the virtue of marital consummation or very deep pledge before marriage. Consequently, there are eventually signs that manifest after any of the Individuals enters into an adulterous affair, or cheating in the case of betrothal.
To live a life of cheating in relationships is to live a miserable life. There is definitely no gain in this situation. You are assured to become an enemy to yourself if you are having an affair, and when your significant other finds out, there is a clear-cut prospect you will become their enemy also. You need to ask yourself, is it actually worth it?

Having an affair on your spouse is an indirect way of cheating yourself since both of you have already become one by the virtue of the vow and promises that you have made as a couple. Regardless of what the case might be, having an affair is not the reasonable way to deal with your life. It tears a family in two and destroys the very structure of your relationship. Cheaters in marriage end up living miserable lives and their spouses and kids can suffer unimaginable grief as well when the faithful partner eventually finds out about the affair.

To avoid a miserable and difficult life, stay away from extra marital affairs and cheating! The freedom and thrill mirage that you have from such relationships are pure trouble in disguise and will eventually culminate in disaster.

Releasing people to be effective

By Herbert Mtowo

One of your greatest calls as a leader is to empower others. The greatest leaders that this world has seen had the ability to find untapped potential in people and then empower them to do great things. If you want to be a great success as a leader than you will have to adopt the empowerment principle into your life.

You see, if you don’t allow people you aren’t raising up people to be independent. Now you may think that if you are creating independent people you are creating people who may rise up against your own leadership. However, most of the time, the opposite is actually true. If you treat people with respect and allow them to do great things, they will honor and respect you for that. One important way to develop your Personal Power is by improving your ability to allow those around you. People who have the most Personal Power always seem to make the people around them stronger, bigger and more capable of doing whatever it is they are tasked with doing.

People don’t want to be held down. They want to be released to do the great things that they feel they are meant to do in their life. If you hold people back from reaching their potential in life they will come to despise you personally and as a leader. People want to succeed in life just as much as you do.

Empowering people to succeed will create an incredible team of people around you that will be able to do anything that is thrown at them. The facts of the matter is this, if you don’t let people and help them reach their full potential, you are actually falling very short of maximizing your own potential as a leader. If you empower people you are also empowering yourself. A lot of entrepreneurs rise from the ranks of youth. They develop a good idea then pursue it until they set up a business. Oftentimes, however, they don’t have the money and the resources to make the most out of their lives. Leadership for youth is necessary for a better society. Let us not let the young people waste their potentials. Hello Africa, don’t let the dreams die. Is there greatness on the inside of you but you don’t know how to make it?

Empowering peopleempower people

Stepping out

Herbert Mtowo

Herbert Mtowo

By Herbert Mtowo

Don’t listen to the inner critic inside of you telling you what you can and can’t do. You have been created with purpose and destiny, and you have a voice that needs to be heard. Regardless of what you have been through in the past, you must be aware of the power within you to move forward, and as you move forward you can help others move forward as well.

If you think of all the reasons that you can’t do something you will never move forward. You must think of all the reasons you can be successful at whatever you are striving to do. Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams and don’t allow your past to decide your future. It is time for you to end any blocks and barriers that are stopping you from moving forward, and just go for it.

You must believe it is your time to succeed. You deserve to step into the greatness of who you were created to be. God has placed amazing potential in you and you have hidden gifts that need to be discovered. But you must believe in yourself.

Would you believe that there is someone, somewhere who needs you to get in alignment with your purpose? I believe that there is an abundance of people who need your gifts in their lives. But they can’t access what you have to offer if you are not properly positioned to offer it.

What if for a moment you believed in yourself as much as God believes in you? What if you would dare to take a leap of faith into your destiny? And what if you developed the mindset to pursue your purpose with all that you have? Imagine how your life could change. Now imagine how the lives of others could change.

Unfortunately time does not stand still. So whether you decide to move forward or not time is still ticking away. The last thing you want to do is keep putting off what you want in your heart to do. You can take success steps now to do your goals and dreams. Begin to dream again, you can do it. And there is no dream that God has placed in your heart that he has not empowered you to meet. So silence your inner critic, make a decision to follow your heart, and achieve your dreams in a bigger way than you have ever imagined.

Love dynamics and compatibility

Busisiweby Herbert Mtowo

Are you compatible with your partner? Not sure if he’s the one? Are you curious to know where this relationship is going…? WITHOUT having to ask, embarrass yourself or beg for answers? Or maybe, like lots of other women, you simply HATE wasting time in a relationship that is NOT going to go all the way… and you simply want to make sure you move on until you find the ONE man who will!

In this article I’m going to share with you the real secret to finding out if you are compatible from a love standpoint… without having to waste weeks, months or even YEARS in a relationship that isn’t worth the trip… 🙂

And with a bit of luck, if you are willing to be a bit ADVENTUROUS when it comes to your heart and spirit, you’ll be able to use the exact SAME secret strategy in your next relationship as well. (Only if of course, it turns out the one you’re in is NOT the right one… 🙂 Are you curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Love energy and more

Did you know that love has energy? A REAL emotional vibration that can be measured quantified and even observed by those of us sensitive enough to see it? It’s true… all emotions have a unique vibration, very similar to a fingerprint. And when you are in love, and that love is reciprocated, there is a GENUINE connection that an emotional empathy (or “love intuitive”) can see, read and discern to confirm your compatibility… or the lack thereof.

Sounds silly to you? It does to LOTS of people… 🙂 But believe it or not, this is stuff that is being studied by science, now… in MANY different domains.

Aura’s such as, once thought to be silly and new age, are now being called “subtle energies” and being studied as a central idea behind Quantum physics, with the notion being that ALL of us are made up mostly of energy… and that we VIBRATE at different frequencies depending on the emotions we feel. (this is the very SAME thing psychics have said for hundreds of years)

Did you know that people DEEPLY in love are being studied by science as well? They are finding that TRUE love has a resonance, and an electric current that can be measured… where poking and prodding ONE person in love in one room, can result in effects in the OTHER persons in love in another room. (Very cool stuff… and more evidence that our hearts and minds are LINKED, when we are in love, much more than most skeptics will admit)

When you are in love, you have a subtle energy, or an aura that vibrates at a certain frequency ONLY when the object of your affection feels the very same way. Of course you CAN be in love with a partner who doesn’t feel the same way… and having a love reading, with an authentic emotional empathy or intuitive is the very BEST way to see that, without asking, wasting time on someone who WON’T love you back… or asking and embarrassing yourself to boot!