Love dynamics and compatibility

Busisiweby Herbert Mtowo

Are you compatible with your partner? Not sure if he’s the one? Are you curious to know where this relationship is going…? WITHOUT having to ask, embarrass yourself or beg for answers? Or maybe, like lots of other women, you simply HATE wasting time in a relationship that is NOT going to go all the way… and you simply want to make sure you move on until you find the ONE man who will!

In this article I’m going to share with you the real secret to finding out if you are compatible from a love standpoint… without having to waste weeks, months or even YEARS in a relationship that isn’t worth the trip… 🙂

And with a bit of luck, if you are willing to be a bit ADVENTUROUS when it comes to your heart and spirit, you’ll be able to use the exact SAME secret strategy in your next relationship as well. (Only if of course, it turns out the one you’re in is NOT the right one… 🙂 Are you curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Love energy and more

Did you know that love has energy? A REAL emotional vibration that can be measured quantified and even observed by those of us sensitive enough to see it? It’s true… all emotions have a unique vibration, very similar to a fingerprint. And when you are in love, and that love is reciprocated, there is a GENUINE connection that an emotional empathy (or “love intuitive”) can see, read and discern to confirm your compatibility… or the lack thereof.

Sounds silly to you? It does to LOTS of people… 🙂 But believe it or not, this is stuff that is being studied by science, now… in MANY different domains.

Aura’s such as, once thought to be silly and new age, are now being called “subtle energies” and being studied as a central idea behind Quantum physics, with the notion being that ALL of us are made up mostly of energy… and that we VIBRATE at different frequencies depending on the emotions we feel. (this is the very SAME thing psychics have said for hundreds of years)

Did you know that people DEEPLY in love are being studied by science as well? They are finding that TRUE love has a resonance, and an electric current that can be measured… where poking and prodding ONE person in love in one room, can result in effects in the OTHER persons in love in another room. (Very cool stuff… and more evidence that our hearts and minds are LINKED, when we are in love, much more than most skeptics will admit)

When you are in love, you have a subtle energy, or an aura that vibrates at a certain frequency ONLY when the object of your affection feels the very same way. Of course you CAN be in love with a partner who doesn’t feel the same way… and having a love reading, with an authentic emotional empathy or intuitive is the very BEST way to see that, without asking, wasting time on someone who WON’T love you back… or asking and embarrassing yourself to boot!