Cheating is self-inflicted pain

Herbert Mtowo

Extramarital affairs and cheating in relationships is unquestionably an act capable of damaging the very foundation of your domestic life and taking away your happiness. It is the sword that cuts the hearts of two former lovers turning them into enemies living under the same roof. And statistics clearly point to cheating as the number one marriage and relationship destroyer. It’s a sobering to realize how many relationships and marriages have died at the mercilessness at its brutality.

Cheating partners are famous for the challenging and agonizing lives they led. If you are cheating on your wife or husband, no matter how you view it, your life will have you running in circles. You will lose your peace right from the inside of you. You will quickly learn that the whimsical happiness that you probably have gained outside your relationship was only temporary and will eventually elude you. It seldom lasts without end and in fact, it is most capable of growing cold just as quick as it got hot.

Agony of cheating In the first place, you will lose calm at home particularly when the other person begins to suspect you. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to cover your cheating escapades for long. The signals eventually show and it will have to come out. Marriage and deeply committed relationships are such intense unions that they touch the very soul and the spirit. Love of this nature is a union of the body, the soul and spirit.
When the breach of having an affair happens, the bond is ruined and it will soon become obvious. In the beginning, it may not display in the physical realm, but the fact is, the revelation of the truth resonates into the realm of spirit and soul. As soon as you begin to cheat on your other half, the other person will eventually sense it. This is true because, the cheater is the other half-self of the spouse or betrothed. Both people have become one by the virtue of marital consummation or very deep pledge before marriage. Consequently, there are eventually signs that manifest after any of the Individuals enters into an adulterous affair, or cheating in the case of betrothal.
To live a life of cheating in relationships is to live a miserable life. There is definitely no gain in this situation. You are assured to become an enemy to yourself if you are having an affair, and when your significant other finds out, there is a clear-cut prospect you will become their enemy also. You need to ask yourself, is it actually worth it?

Having an affair on your spouse is an indirect way of cheating yourself since both of you have already become one by the virtue of the vow and promises that you have made as a couple. Regardless of what the case might be, having an affair is not the reasonable way to deal with your life. It tears a family in two and destroys the very structure of your relationship. Cheaters in marriage end up living miserable lives and their spouses and kids can suffer unimaginable grief as well when the faithful partner eventually finds out about the affair.

To avoid a miserable and difficult life, stay away from extra marital affairs and cheating! The freedom and thrill mirage that you have from such relationships are pure trouble in disguise and will eventually culminate in disaster.

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