Be the Keeper of the Sexual Flame

making love is an art and skill to be learned

By Marry Lengley

A woman is like a flame which keeps man passionate. She glows softly when you do intimate love-making with her. She burns brightly when you do wild love-making her. Her body is like a sexual flame which ignites passion in every man. In addition, each expression on her face speaks thousands of words. Believe it or not, experts and artists are still finding the mysteries of a woman. According to them, if you want to be the keeper of the sexual flame then you have to learn that how to keep the flame alive. Experts believe that there is not any technique which can help you in winning the heart of women because every woman is different. However, if you want to win the heart of a woman and make her worship you then you have to learn the distance between two points.

A woman is like the distance between two points. One point is extreme emotional and another point is extreme sexual. Your success depends on the length of the line. If you are dominating the lengthy line then it means that you are holding your woman well, emotionally and sexually, and enjoying intimate life. Actually, I am telling you all these things because I do not want to teach you that how to catch small fishes. I want to tell you that how to turn your small fish into a sexual whale and dominate the oceans, which are filled with billions of small fishes.

HOW TO DO INTIMATE LOVE MAKING? (Turn Your Fish into a Sexual Whale)

Before doing intimate love-making, it is very essential to connect with her heart and nature. Intimacy generates when you connect with her heart and unlock the sexual desires of a woman. Remember, we are not here to talk about quickies. We are here to enjoy the intimacy with our women for hours. So, how can you connect with your woman and unlock her sexual side? Well, it is very simple. Just turn her into a playful girl with secret stimulation techniques.

There are some secret stimulation techniques that intensify the senses of women without getting physical. First of all, I am going to tell you that how to create an intimate environment with some stimulation techniques and turn her into a playful girl. Before turning her into a playful girl, it is fundamental to create intimate environment. Perhaps, you have never noticed the power of your environment, but now you have to use this power properly.
Silk sheets always intensify the sensations in intimate love-making sessions. Use silk sheets often for increasing intimacy. Also, scented candles are better than electric lights. Candle lights are very soothing and magical for girls. That’s why; they love to go for candle light dinners with their men. It appeals women and bring erotic emotions inside them. If you want to create dynamic environment then you should use the power of yellow candle lights. She not only feels exotic but also achieves greatest pleasure with you while doing romance in yellow candle lights. Yellow color stimulates her naughty desires and turns your average romance into x-rated romance.
In intimate love-making session, you do everything very smoothly with erotic stimulation techniques. Relax her as much as you can and slow down your moves. When you slow down your movements and keep the environment soothing, you automatically generate anticipation. The beauty of anticipation is that it keeps the flame burning to meet maximum sexual pleasure. Anticipation escalates intimacy in the environment and stimulates woman’s sexuality. A woman keeps on feeling sexual sensation when you generate anticipation.

As you have noticed, every little detail matters for creating intimacy. Also, you have to use some stimulation techniques to bring eroticism in the environment. For women, a man who keeps the eroticism alive is extremely sexual. These above tips not only connect you with her emotionally but also seduce her mind in a magical way. Remember, you can never do intimate love-making with a woman if you do not connect her emotions with you.


In intimate love-making, it is all about enjoying a woman’s body thoroughly with many stimulation techniques. There are many things to consider before enjoying a woman’s body. For example, you should keep her feet warm to maximize the sexual feelings inside her. It is very necessary to have warm feet for enjoying the intimacy during love-making sessions. You can massage her feet and make her yours forever.

If you want to increase the intimacy then always start stimulating her outside the bedroom. You can stimulate her by doing many things. For example, play with her fingers or feed her with your hands. By feeding her with your hands, you not only start touching her in playful ways but also make her laugh with excitement. My one friend always uses this technique for seducing women. He blindfolds a woman with scarf, holds her hands and feeds her with his hand. He told me that it is the greatest way to start touching her and make her laugh with sexual excitement. You can also use this stimulation technique to create sexual excitement. As I said before, it is very essential to turn your fish into a sexual whale before enjoying intimate love-making sessions.