There is a purpose for my mistakes!

By Herbert Mtowo

Herbert Mtowo

Herbert Mtowo

This is a defining statement from God`s word: And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those Who Love Him… Even if it’s not good, right or in His will! Life, as I see it, is divided into some part of what ensues upon you and everything else of how you react or deal with it. Every incident that occurs in your life suggests countless learning possibilities and it is up to us to learn from life, its inherent wisdom. If you learn from it, it turns out to be a valuable experience and adds to your maturity; else the event passes off pointlessly.

God will correct your complications! Ishmael may not be the promise but God will fit your mistake in your miracle. ‘Your complication is not an indication that you can’t conquer God is going to correct your complication. You need to know, every conqueror has complications. God corrects your complications. Thank You Lord for correcting my complications… For fixing what I did wrong like you did for Abraham with Ishmael.

Your maturity level is always one leg below the next or soon-to-be-coming event that’s going to put you to test. If you learn, then you stand to add more acumen and experience up your sleeve, and you’re ready for your next assignment. On the other hand, if you go through it by being disturbed, tensed and petrified, then you haven’t learned anything and similar such events will keep recurring in your life till you stand up, face it and shove it aside forever. The intention of saying all this is, life puts us through various acid tests with the outcome that it provides us the maturity that’s considered necessary to face the higher challenges that are in store for us.

Life always puts us through a test first and lessons follow-up a bit later. Now, some people spend months, at times years and in worst cases a complete lifetime staying miserable and defeated. In this case, life is probably trying to tutor a below average pupil, but he is refusing to learn from the events he is colliding with. The key here is to keep the student in you alive. For most, learning is over when schooling is over, which is very wrong. Be like the blotting paper, ready to soak up… from anywhere and anyone. Don’t stunt your own growth. Learning culminates when breathing stops; not a breath before that.

And learning is incomplete without its counterpart – “mistakes”. If you learn from your mistakes, you qualify to combat the next ring of tests. If you don’t, you’d have to keep qualifying until and unless you learn from your mistakes. If you’re afraid of committing errors, then you’ll stop taking risks. If you get emotionally paralyzed by your mistakes, then your tomorrows will have the same repeated blunders. If you stay dazed by your mistakes, then you’ll be held captive in your comfort zone. What people don’t realize is mistakes have a purpose, too. They come into your life to school you, to add to your wisdom, to evolve you, otherwise how would one learn?

Mistakes are a big learning experience. Once you build up the mind-set to learn from it, you no more pay a price, but benefit from the payoffs. Some mistakes come cheap, some with a huge price… nonetheless, all you can retrieve is the lessons learned from them. We aren’t blessed with a CTRL+Z option at our end. All we can do is not to look back at the mistakes for too long; instead herald into the future with maturity gained from mistakes made. You can always make up for your yesterday by seeing to it that you live a better tomorrow.

Circumstances don’t matter… Trust me, you don’t have to worry about circumstances, when God gets ready, He will do it Regardless.