Work hard and Push yourself to the limits to be the best



 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

By Coach Herbert

We naturally tend to look for the easy way out and follow the path of least resistance when attempting to achieve our goals. Paying the price and following due process seems to be a real pain. If we had our way, we would love to receive the prize without paying the price. Slogans like “Do not work hard, work smart” sound like music in our ears. We hope we can achieve the desired result by doing little or no work. Many have taken this to mean that there is a lazy way to achieve success. If you tried these short cuts before, you know that nothing can be further from the truth. There is no lazy route to the top. For sure, effort can be wasted if not applied intelligently. Working smart should be the norm. Hard work comes into play within the context of working smart. Without hard work, you cannot go far.

Cristiano Ronaldo won, the world`s best player for the year 2013 and deservedly so he won it. And to those around him, they all agree he is a beats in the gym works hard and pushes himself to the limits. What a physic great body he has, and an envy of many.

Becoming the very best in whatever field of endeavor requires a lot of hard work. It is estimated that it takes 10,000 hours of hard work to get to the top of any field. You simply have to pay your dues. The best in any field are the hardest working folks with very strong work ethics. They come in a little earlier, work a little harder and close a little later. They do not hang with the crowd and their performance is at the top level. The best athletes in the world work harder than their peers. They show up first at the practice pitch and usually stay behind practicing long after their colleagues have left to go catch some fun in town.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” – Stephen King

A young man Tangeni, in Walvis Bay said to me, “Lionel Messi is 100% pure talent and Cristiano Ronaldo is 100% pure hard work.” What a befitting way to describe the two and that makes Cristiano`s winning so special. In life if you set your eyes on achieving anything and work hard towards that goal, nothing absolutely nothing can stop you from becoming the man or woman you have desired to be. Ronaldo has worked hard to get the “perfect” physique for football.

His physical evolution incorporated all facets of athletic performance, with additional sprint and reaction work polishing up his raw, genetic gifts. But it was the mastering of strength workouts and Olympic lifts – total body exercises performed in an explosive manner at pace – that were behind the development of a muscular physique that has gone on to adorn billboards and magazine covers across the world. Deadlifts and power cleans were two favorites’ in his gym routine, with the level of resistance and speed of execution slowly increased over his near six years in Manchester. Clegg added: “I would say, physically, he is the perfect specimen. From his height to his natural body type, muscular structure, how much fat he’s got in his system, his endurance capacity, flexibility, power and strength – they are in perfect balance.

We have to work hard smartly. We have to commit to doing what it takes to attain the skill level we desire or achieve the goal we aim for. In an increasingly competitive world, talent is no longer the differentiator but hard work is. Given the same skill level, if you practice when your opponent is doing something else, by the time both of you meet, it is easy to guess who will get the upper hand. Work hard, work smart, work harder, do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. There is no alternative to hard work. Folks that peddle easy solutions through books they sell worked hard to write and market those books. They are the ones that will get rich quick, if they find enough gullible folks to buy their story. You end up with the book while they end up with the money. Short cuts are often the longer route to your destination. By the time you find out that it does not work, you would have wasted valuable time, energy and resources. Principles are no respecter of persons. It is possible to find an easier way to accomplish a task, but there is no alternative to hard work when it comes to sustainable success.

“He had in his mind, ‘I need to make myself special and I’m going to have to learn everything I need to become special. I’m going to have to regiment my day and my week, months and years and become as good as I can be by every possible means.’ He had a plan.” It seems strange looking back, but in Ronaldo’s early years at the Theatre of Dreams there were doubts he would make the grade at all. Clegg said: “For every mistake he made in a game, he’d spend hours and hours and hours practicing to make sure it didn’t happen again. Generally with players, if they try something and it doesn’t work, they don’t try it again, they fear it – but he didn’t. No chance. Few who spent time around the gyms at Manchester United and Real Madrid would argue he deserves anything less.

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It is the will to prepare to win that matters” – Paul Bryant

Hard work separates the men from the boys. It takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline to work hard in a focused manner until one attains expertise in any field or achieves a significant goal. Hard work also involves focus on personal growth, development and continuous improvement. Study and continuous learning is hard work. It takes hard work and discipline to finish one good book a week if you have a day job and also mind your business after hours. Often we know what we need to do to advance to the next level, but lack the discipline and hard work ethic to do it now. We leave for tomorrow stuff we could do today as procrastinators concerned. We console ourselves that we will cross the bridge when we get to it. Rather than prepare for tomorrow today, we lull ourselves into mediocrity by thinking that tomorrow will take care of itself. It does not work that way. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

He’s always improving and because of that, he is the best.