By Herbert Mtowo

I am sure we all heard of the old statement that goes: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. Is this true? How would you motivate the horse to drink? What is motivation? How do you get motivation to work? There is so much theory on motivation but what works in the real world, but I am sure we can look at it from various angles, and probably debate about it forever. But the point is, inspiring others and being inspired to accomplish great things in life is something we all need to have.

Motivation is the reason for acting a certain way. It’s the desire to do something for a desired outcome.

Goals motivate us as does fear, pain, pleasure, along with a whole host of other reasons. If we know these things motivate us, how do we use this for the good of those around us? How do we get people to do the right things for the right reasons, even when they think differently?

In the old saying above about the horse, there are a few ways to motivate the horse to drink. You can work him thereby creating a thirst or you could add salt to his feed or you could do both. Now when you lead him to the water, he will drink on his own, problem solved. You just had to get him thirsty enough to want to drink on his own!

In the case of people, we need to make them thirsty enough to want to do what is best in order to get them to act in their self-interest. You just need to add salt! Your salt should be whatever motivates those you are concerned about. It might be money, things, food and shelter or it could be recognition, peer approval, etc. It could also be all of these things.

Our job is to find out what motivates those around us and work with them to help them reach their full potential. By helping them reach their goals they will inadvertently help us reach our goals. Make sure that you totally focus on their goals.

As I have set and talked to many of my friends in the sales and estate business, most of them admit openly that, to survive one has to be highly motivated and have loads of inspiration to survive and make it in the field. One of them clearly laid it out for me by saying, if you are working with someone in estates, pressuring them to reach their quota is the old method that really doesn’t work for everyone involved. They may reach their quota but they resent the pressure. Why not take time, to find out what their goals are and help them to see that it will take so many calls, letters, follow-up, etc., to get enough appointments to make enough sales to earn enough to reach their goals, doesn’t that sound much better?

You were born a winner and a champion, get motivated to live the life you deserve and help others to get motivated as well!

The game changer

Herbert Prince Mtowo