What is your reason for existence?

Helen Keller once said,” It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”

Plan for your life

Plan for your life

Have you ever wondered how many silver BMWs you saw yesterday? Unless you drive a BMW, you probably didn’t notice any. But later today or tomorrow, after reading this, chances are you will notice several. Why? Because you always see what you’re looking for.
That being the case, it makes sense to look for the very best that life can offer. There are wonderful opportunities swirling around you at any given point in time. Open your eyes to them by deciding precisely what you desire to have or accomplish or become. We all hope for real success, achievements and solid great results. I still see everything in black and white regardless what business I am operating. Fluff does not get it done. It will not get me paid; it will not benefit those I am serving. One solid effort to establish business, brand and yourself is first clearly to know what you want to accomplish in your life: And that requires you to define your vision.
I cannot harp on a consistent vision enough. Many people think they have a vision, but in reality, they have a dream. These are two different things. A dreamer very rarely sees the desire in their mind happen in reality. Whereas visionaries have the ability not only to realize their vision but also make it transparent so others can clearly see it, as well. It becomes contagious, and others want to flock to help with it. So, the question remains whether we are genuinely able to accept our dream as more than just ideal wishing and actually believe it as the vision for our future. In essence, begin truly to accept what we see as WHERE we are going, not just thinking of it as somewhere we would like to be.
You do not honestly believe that you can have a thing until you begin to act like it. Let the miracles begin to take shape. I do not know how many times I checked on my goals from the previous six months and found they had materialized. Many of them are practical while some of them are quite unrealistic, but I do not stop until there is some fulfillment. You can look at the circumstance standing in your way, or you can simply see over the top. If you truly want to be great and realize vision you simply cannot be the person who gets caught up in the challenges, and quits moving forward. Don’t quit is more of an understatement, it’s about more than giving up.
Choose to see over the top at all times. Jesus said if you have faith like a mustard seed you can say to a mountain get up and be cast into the sea. When I was a child, I used to wonder about that verse quite a bit. I have never at any time in life or any moment in history books heard of someone throwing a mountain into the sea. So then Jesus is talking about something else, in that portion of the bible. My Lord, Jesus Christ is clearly talking about the obstacles that are in our way when we are facing huge challenges. The obstacles in your life can be removed, but they want you to be persistent and tenacious all the way..
Napoleon Hill said it perfectly in his book, Think and Grow Rich: “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to accept abundance and prosperity, than it is to accept misery and poverty.”
We refer to some people as having “vision.” These are people who have clearly defined objectives. We call it “vision” because those objectives give them the ability to see things no one else can see. Directing your intentions can truly open your eyes. What are you seeing? What are you missing? What are you all about? Decide that, and you’ll develop the vision to see the many opportunities all around you.
Choose to keep moving on purpose; heading toward that grand destination. Do not hang around in that place of fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty for too long. Understand remarkably little effort is required to move the giant obstacles that seem so insurmountable. MANY people only see the mountain, sit down, and choose to go no further. They get discouraged and scared, when in all reality, its normal, and continuous forward progress must win out.
Do not be that guy or girl who gives up. It is only when you let the mountain defeat you that you become defeated. Get your vision up in front of you, organize, strategize and understand that there unquestionably is greatness in you and it wants to emerge. Let it out. Do it consistently and keep achieving; that is succeeding forever my beloved friends.