Expressing Yourself in Communication

By Herbert Mtowo

In my experiences as an author, poet, public speaking and counselor, and talk show personality. This stands out as integral part of making me and many others in their fields, known and more appreciated by their audiences and people they come in contact with. It is the art of skillfully communicating and getting the right message across and heard.

One of the best things about communication is being able to express yourself. True enough, it is the pinnacle of art and communication in any aspect of life. And it is important that you do not only become really good at one area of communication, but to be able express yourself and clearly at any given time is a must in communication and making yourself known and selling your brand, business or any products that one desires to let the world put there know, it is all about expressing yourself and what you feel and how you want the world to receive you.

Communication is at the foundation of our relationships with each other, be it in business, love, politics it is the KEY, whether we communicate verbally or non-verbally. Given that, there are obviously several issues that you and me, need to learn when we want to communicate with each other successfully and be able to effectively express ourselves at any given time of our lives.

If one is an author. Artist or businessperson, it is important to effectively express oneself through their medium to the best of their abilities. In such cases, you will be expressing yourself through your own field of expert and want yourself to be clearly heard and know. Give an example of artist, people would associate the word, artist, to someone who is well-versed is known to produce really awesome art. The term is reserved for those who have achieved high levels of excellence. But then again, when you think about it, you become an artist once you are able to share yourself through your music, acting, painting which all fall under the term artist.

Much of my life is exposed in public speaking, through writing, TV shows, and radio speaking, what stands out to me is not that I communicate, but express myself clearly for people to get the message and make myself known, that is the secret about making it clear and simple. This bring in a very important point, as a speaker, businessperson, artist, actor etc one needs to learn to be precise and clear. You want to clarify with the listener, whether they can follow what you are saying and whether it makes sense to them. Ask: ‘Does this make sense to you?’ or ‘Do you understand?’

It is in your interest that your talking style and vocabulary is appropriate to the listeners level of understanding, otherwise you will run the risk of overwhelming your partner and therefore not being understood. Furthermore they might be too embarrassed to let you know they cannot follow you and simply pretend to be interested, which you don’t want either.

As the speaker you want to make sure that in a balanced communication both of you are invited to share so give the other person their speaking time. If one person is more reserved that might mean that the more outgoing person needs to practice asking inviting questions or simply give the other some time to open up and remain quiet for a while.

“I urge you to realize the fact that, you are daily and always communicating to different audiences and at different platforms one way or the other. The next thing to do is to visualize what you want to come up with. Like a sculptor, visualize what you want to create. And then start carving away at the raw material. This is a form of destructive creation. You remove all the material needed in order to come up with something really interesting.”

Effective communication

Expressing yourself freely

For communication to happen there need to be at least two parties present. At any given point there will be a speaker (or communicator, if non-verbally communicating) and a listener (or receiver). Many a times we fail to be heard and miss the chance to either market a product or convey a message, simply because we don’t take time to listen to the views of the listeners, audiences this feedback improves us immensely as we grow in making ourselves heard now and then at different speaking forums that we are presented with.

As a listener you need to learn to be fully present with all your attention. This means to truly be there for the other person, with your heart, soul and mind. You want to practice centering yourself and following what the speaker is saying with your thoughts.

So where is your communication style currently at, are you effectively communicating and are people or clients hearing you clearly?