Don’t give up on your dreams  

By Herbert MtowoHerbert Mtowo78_1145832279_nUp the mountain

I had a phone call a few minutes ago as I set down to put together this article. My partner on some radio shows we do every Tuesday and Thursday says, “Herbert am getting ready for my show but man am so incensed by this kind of talk, I just don’t know how I am going to get things right.”, “Calm down man what’s up!?”, I asked him firmly.

“The manager seems not so pleased with the contents of the shows. The radio manager feels myself and Otto should be dictating the direction and not allow people to just talk about relationships. , “Otto went on to explain to me.  I understood his frustrations and outbursts, since am directly involved in the field of helping people. Personal development is what we do and it’s very difficult to ignore relational issues, when people bring them up since they affect the personal development of individuals. Our country many people are hurting by and large as a result of LOVE relationships.

All we are passionate about is helping people and failing to be there for people hurts more to one who is committed to the cause of seeing people`s lives empowered and developed.I take this statement by Confucius who once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

Believe you me good people, to stretch yourself doesn’t mean there is no failing. Far from it, in fact, when you stretch yourself it includes failing – many of those times a lot of it. The most important thing is never give up, never quit. This is vital for everyone to understand. I believe the radio shows are a point of contact to helping people and inspiring many for greatness, so one has to stay on and fight and see the dream become a reality. Platforms are created not for personal gain but to help people and develop them in every area of their lives.

I don’t know about you, but one thing I know is that am all eyes set for my life`s assignments and ready to push them all the way. If I may ask you as you read this article, “Are you the giving up easily type?”

Tell me,”Do you let life`s  setback and frustrations deter you from your goals?”Or do you learn from your mistakes and press on towards your dreams. Along the journey of life, I have fumbled and stumbled many a times, and I look back and am greatly encouraged by the persistence and resilience to still push on today and scale great heights.

My mentor Larry Lewis, has been a huge influence in my life when it comes to not giving up and pressing through in the midst of storms and life`s pressures. I would always run to him and say Larry, my journey has been tiring. In life I have learnt that, when you stretch yourself,  it demands for one to have a never-quit attitude. I have seen many give up, some I never thought can give up, give up when they had their lives against the wall and all seems lost and gone. It is easy to give up when we experience failure, but if a goal is worth setting and achieving, it likely will take a never-quit attitude to accomplish it. Anything that is truly worthwhile isn’t easy. That is what makes achieving goals so much more rewarding. This is a stretch principal that you can put into every aspect of your life. Things are not given, they are earned, and it is up to you to take what life is giving you and learn and never give up.

I am aware of the fact and reality that a lot people from different backgrounds of life, mistake success for perfection. They see the end result of someone’s success and feel that it was too easy, or that they can do the same. Then, when faced with failure in their endeavours, they give up and don’t want to continue, for fear of failing again.

How many times have you heard someone describe a successful person as “lucky”. They don’t see the years of hard work, training, education and unending persistence that was necessary for that person to achieve their “luck”.

“Eish others are so lucky” statement  comes to us only when we have spent years of persistence and preparation getting ready for the day she enters our life. Without that preparation and persistence we rarely see her when she walks past us. To be successful, you will need to develop the skill of persistence…..not just wishing for your lucky break.

What they didn’t see was that person’s struggle, the blood, sweat, and tears of trying to make something that will not only change them, but others around them. They didn’t see the countless hours, the failures, and that never give up attitude that finally rewarded them with success. A lot of people come to me and say man you are a great writer and gifted speaker, little do they know that it has been a bumpy and rocky path to where I am today. At times I look back and ask and smile, “Dude how did you make it this far”. The more life has been like walking a tight rope the merrier it has been to face the future.”

I know and understand that failures force you to face some things about yourself, things that you need to improve on or that you’re lacking in order for you to be successful. And if you let that initial failure defeat you, you will never accomplish your goal.

I want you and me not to shy away from having life stretch us. When you get stretched it means learning from your failures and not giving up when difficult times arise. Because when you achieve your goals and you look back over everything you had to overcome to reach that point, you are not only happy, but you’re a better person because of it.

I am sure like me; you may have come to a place, where you are between a rock and a hard place. I have been there, believe you me. What kept me through was this resilience, were in me the passion and desire was my drive. I’m willing to make adjustments but I am too stubborn to give up… are you?

Hear me, and hear me well. “If you give up – you won’t change the way your mind works and deals with failure, everything stays the same. In fact you create some negative reinforcements in your subconscious that will deter you from taking a risk.” This is your life – make the most of it – begin working with the power of your mind by never giving up, being consistent and finish strong. You’ll be glad you did.

The ability to dream big dreams is common. Almost all of us have them. But it is only the person who is willing to take action, and persistently walk step by step toward their dream no matter how long or difficult the journey, that will successfully bring their dreams into reality.

There are no short cuts to success. If success wasn’t hard work, if it didn’t require persistence and a tenacious desire to achieve our dreams, everyone would be successfully living their dreams……..instead of just dreaming “about” them.

I am yet to meet a successful person who hasn’t told me that at the beginning of the journey they had to undertake to reach their dream, the path seemed daunting and impossible. But all of them said they were amazed at how quickly the time flew-by once they put their head down and began walking step by step toward their goal.

If you have a dream, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t become real.