Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader

By Herbert Mtowo

Writing about Entrepreneur is no easy thing since it is never really understood by many or appreciated. But all the same, Entrepreneur is a way of life that builds economies and industries by far and large. I wish many a times I had started long back working for Herbert and working with him, I have been enjoying the ride. Here are some of the gifts crucial skills (gifts) I have found out, which entrepreneurial leaders bring to the table to society, organizations and economies.

Real entrepreneurs have this in common, the willingness to risk. The early business communities took incredible risks. People risked their health, safety, financial security and their very lives for the sake of the sake of launching great business escapades. They experienced great turn overs by taking risk steps.

In a time when too many people are trying to figure out how to survive, we need leaders who will change the question to how business is going to thrive. You can’t do that without risk. Being willing to risk what you have today is the best way to get to a different tomorrow. Being willing to risk what you have today is the best way to get to a different tomorrow.

Have you ever asked yourself what it would have been like to be in the times of Henry Ford and early business pioneers .?They dared to experiment where others dared not to. My generation today is a copycat generation, the creativity, and experimenting is a thing of the past unfortunately.

It was an audacious experiment that that life and God was completely behind them. To have all the inventions we have now it was birthed out of guts and boldness to experiment with what they dreamt and desired to accomplish. Everything changed in their generation; the tenacity and resilience in doing business was astonishing

If the business is ever going to grow, we have to change our mind-set and way of doing business.

Entrepreneurs and great leaders are never satisfied. While it can be frustrating to work with someone who is never satisfied, it’s an essential gift in birthing what’s new and expanding a current mission. Entrepreneurs are not only discontent with what others have created; they’re soon discontent with what they’ve helped create. Many of the early year’s entrepreneurs died longing to do more work and inventions. Why do we make fun of business leaders today who have the same sense of urgency?

If you search the early business entrepreneurs, you’ll see boldness as a hallmark of early business leaders. You can hardly describe the business culture of many leaders today as bold. We are too timid. Anemic, maybe. Bold, no. And when people become bold, people criticize them for being arrogant or in it for themselves. Well, sometimes yes. But often no. They’re just exercising a God-given gift of being bold. Many of these inventors, after all, were no stranger to that criticism.

We have plenty of thinkers in the world today and not nearly enough doers and creators. Entrepreneurs bring a bias for action that is often astonishing. Business entrepreneurs accomplish things nobody else accomplishes because they do things nobody else is willing to do.

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If you think about the (much criticized) innovations in today’s world (video venues, webinars, Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumbler all these social networks, LinkedIn you name them, you realize that you open yourself to a world of criticism when you start bold new things. So what? Go ahead boldly and make you mark on earth; don’t wait for opinions and peoples approvals they will never come.

Be a serial entrepreneur, and accomplish more than you could have imagined.

Herbert P Mtowo

Herbert P Mtowo

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  1. Thank you so much sir for the information…. i agree with you on all your points and its exactly why must business especially small scale business do not last but wind up in the end.

    We would like to learn more from you on measures to go about to overcome these deadly drought that kills businesses as an entrepreneur?

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