By Coach Herbert

There is this deep disbelief within oneself that has been ingrained into the minds of the masses as a result of the conditioning of living an average life. As you grow up you are told not to have too bigger aspirations within certain families or groups, too many people will try to belittle you and your dreams by telling you it is not possible for you to succeed. People aren’t used to dreamers who have crazy ideas to make the world a better place.

People do not believe in themselves and will try to crush your hopes and dreams because they have never tried to strive for more than what they currently have. Don’t believe the garbage opinion of others, who have a lack of belief in themselves, these people have no idea what they are talking about. You don’t have to listen to these types of people and you most certainly do not have to live your life based on others limited views. Most people are so struck in the rut they do not believe someone can get out, spread his/her wings and fly in the sky.

Living small makes you small and yet you are born to be great. Your dream matters because you have a dream and you also have a strong character to live the big dream.

Life is whatever you choose it to be, your life is a result of your actions, so do away with the thinking of the majority and start to think differently; because that is the only way you will live life at a greater level. You can accomplish anything, the realization that you can will only come about from acquiring new knowledge and action. If you confine yourself to the current information that is served up to the masses from the mainstream media you will never become aware of what is possible for you. You must expose yourself to beneficial success information, videos and people so that you can awaken your mind.

The mind remains asleep without new knowledge, once you get the right knowledge your mindset will change from a limited one, to a limitless one. So expose yourself to what is beneficial and it will help you believe that it is possible and ignore the naysayers who confine their mind and their lives to a life of mediocrity.

Where you are now is not where you have to remain. That is a misconception many people have is that they have to settle for the life that they have fell into. Believe in yourself and take action today, you can achieve anything, you can become a person of success. Become the right person and you will get all that you seek, but at first you must seek something greater and then take action so that you can get to where you truly want to be.

Be bold, be fearless, be determined, be hungry, be productive, be ambitious and be the person you want to be today. Start acting like the person you eventually see yourself being, as that is the way that you will get to where you want to be by assuming the role of the successful individual now while you are in your current state.

You are our answer, to our most difficult questions in this generation that’s why we have you around, step out and step up. You owe it to us and to the world. It is about time you and me start to believe in the beauty of your dreams and show the world the promise and brilliance of the legacy in you carry.

You can do it, if others have done it what excuse do you have, the first step to success is to believe in yourself and know that you can become successful. Choose to dream in a greater future where you are living a life of greatness by impacting millions of people. Believe in yourself, you have the power within to reach for greater heights, wake up to who you can be and awaken to your greatness. You deserve to have a big dream and become remarkable. If you do not leave your mark in this world, no one else will remember you.

Believe you me, hear it from me; all that your dream needs is courage that will nurture it and make it grow beyond all limitations. And you and only you has the courage to do it. Let’s do this thing.