It is easy to enter in a relationship. But making it thrive is incredibly difficult. It requires a lot of work. It’s like planting a tree. You need to water it for years. And the time will come when the tree can survive by itself.

But no, not really. A relationship is not generally like planting a tree. Why? Because healthy relationships need constant care. You must water it for the rest of your life.

Most people who failed in their relationships missed the biggest picture. The truth is that a relationship cannot simply work by itself. It needs both parties to cultivate it.

Why do most marriages fail to do so? Simply because most couples are indifferent – they often miss (or unwilling to do) the vital ingredients of healthy relationships.

If you are new in a relationship, you can feel the warm, excitement, and care. But can you keep that for years? If you are uncertain, this article is for you. Below are the most basic and yet the most neglected components of a successful relationship.


  1. The magic words.

“I love you.” These words are magical. People in healthy relationships do this all the time. They don’t lose the initial affection and romance. Even you’re in a long-term relationship, whispering these words can be very helpful.

  1. Confidence.

You can’t have a perfect relationship. But you can always find ways to fix things without blaming your partner. Remember that you are a team. Thus, you must work together confidently to solve the problems.

  1. Being considerate.

The primary problem of most couples is that the more they get used to each other, the more they stop to listen to their partner’s opinions or suggestions. This is the time when respect would also gradually fade away. But couples in healthy relationships don’t lose their respect with their partners. They assure that they always listen to each other.

  1. Keeping the flame.

Most relationships struggle to keep the passion. But it shouldn’t be. Passion is the flame that must be kept as you go along on your journey as a couple. Let your partner know that you’re still crazy about him/her. Flirting plays a vital role to bring back the excitement in your relationship.

  1. Gratitude.

A simple gratitude display can bring so much joy. But sadly, most people forget about it. Whatever your partner does, even simple things such as bringing you a cup of coffee to your study room, s/he deserves a “Thank You.” Do it all the time and you and your partner will nurture respect and happiness.

  1. Accountability.

Yes, you may be a smart person. But you are not perfect. It means that you can potentially commit a mistake. When that happens, don’t hesitate or forget to say sorry. Couples in healthy relationships are always responsible for their behavior. They are honest about themselves. They acknowledge their responsibility of fixing their mess.WHAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP BETTER.

  1. Encouragement.

As a couple, you may have different choices and aspirations. But such difference must not create conflict. Healthy relationships have one thing in common – encouragement. This means that both parties support each other. Remember that you are a team. Do not turn your back on your partner. Support him/her instead. Encouragement makes healthy relationships even healthier.