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Abraham LincolnBy Herbert Mtowo

It seems nowadays society, mankind is getting more and more selfish, unkind, greedy and uncaring for anybody. But believe you me this isn’t the way to go and be able to achieve much. Africa bleeds at and is suffering at as a result of despots, selfish, heartless leaders parading as saviours and heroes. There is a rise of a new breed of leaders, politicians and business people in Africa who put people first. Their joy is in seeing poverty, down trodden and hopeless peasants be inspired and cared for enough to rise to greatness.

The men and women , who are the true entrepreneurs, are those individuals who make the biggest impact to society in a positive manner, to touch people’s lives’ and improve it for the better. The ones who are just committed to accumulating the most wealth will fail in their endeavours ultimately, success is not about how wealthy you become, it is about how many people you can help to live a better life. In this life I have observed that, the ones, who truly succeed, are those who chase after a bigger vision, who aim to help millions of people by sacrificing their own desires to live in the service of others.

My challenge to you and me in 2016 and beyond is to be   selfless and make the world a better place for all, you were born unique, you were born with your own dreams and talents, don’t let it lay dormant and die with you. I am of the strong belief that,an  un-lived life is a life wasted, attack your fears with determination, and chase after your dreams, turn your dreams into goals and live life on your terms. Be different and aim for greatness, you truly are special.

I am sure that many successful,people know what the meaning of hard work is, they don’t sit around acting like everyone else. Those who are dedicated to living life on their terms spend time every single day working on their goals, it’s not a maybe, it’s a must, you must allocate time to success. Most people have a laid back approach to life, they say I will do something different tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. The question is why are you not doing it today, why is there such a lacklustre approach to life, people get comfortable in average, do you really think that this is you at your highest potential, just know that you can do more.

There is no magic in success but it comes  only  from hard work, nothing will come to you without putting in the time and effort, move away from the way everyone else is living, you have to start acting differently, if you want to live differently, don’t act like everyone else. People make time for failure, but they haven’t got time for success.

The beginning of any project is the hardest because you are building something out of nothing, you are laying down the foundation for your future, the foundation must be strong so that no matter what happens you persevere and continue building until you are where you want to be. Don’t give up, the weak give up, stay consistent and make time for life-improvement every single day, allocate one to two hours of your day to success, if you don’t make success a priority how do you expect to become successful.

I dare you,If you want to become an entrepreneur you must get in the game, start something today with what you have, nothing is perfect in the beginning, improvements come about from failure, how do you expect to know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t start something. Reading, learning and researching are great on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, however taking action is the best thing that you can do.

The  progress  that you and me can make,in terms of becoming an entrepreneur is to take action, that is what takes you from where you are, to where you want to be, get on the road of success.

Talk is truly cheap, people love to complain but when it comes to putting in the work they’re nowhere to be seen, people like to talk big, but they don’t get up and grind, people are deluded, they are living in a state of delusional insanity. Do you want to be like everyone else, make a choice today, average or great? If you want to see changes in your life, make some changes, if you do nothing, you get nothing. People who are serious get up and put in the work

Those dreams that seem unattainable became attainable through hard work, hard work will take you anywhere you wish to go, believe in yourself you can do this. Nothing worth having comes easy in life; don’t ever give up on your dreams.

Live a life of helping others and help to make a positive impact on the world, people assume they should just concern themselves with their own lives earning their wage, living without contributing to making the world a better place, we are all one people, some have been given more, and some have less, so the ones who have an opportunity to help others should take the opportunity to make a difference .Never look down upon people, who are not where they can be, we all have been at the bottom, advice is better than insults.

We all have been given gifts that we must utilize to create a better world, leave the world a better place then you found it, you have something special within you to offer the world. It is easy to just live the 9-5 life, but to live in the service of others is true greatness, to touch people’s lives in a positive way so that they don’t have to struggle in life, we are all capable of helping others to improve their quality of life

Don’t start a business to just make money, start a business to make a difference that will change the world, be a game changer and be bold, there are thousands of companies that are solely focused on just accumulating the most wealth, be different and do something that will elevate you up with the some of the greats such as Tony Robbins,Richard Branson,Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela. Start a business based on the vision of helping people and the money will follow, the priority is goodness, do good and good will come to you in abundance.

Start small, think big, work hard and never give up. Get up and go out there and change the lives of millions of people. Believe in yourself you can do anything, one person can change the world for the better if they are determined to do so. Find a higher purpose and live a life of meaning, don’t just waste your days and resources doing nothing, complaining and not moving forward. Life is too short to be a spectator.

I want to ask you this question, take your time to answer it:” What you are going to do to make the world a better place.” We all have opportunities in life, sad many a times opportunities come when a=we are least prepared and others seize them and have a stronger desire to accomplish than others have. Desire is the difference, how bad do you want to be relevant to life and mankind.

I want to hear from you how has your year started and share with me your plan and goals and how you making sure they become fruitful and real

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Great leadership depends on possibility thinking. If we hear someone say that something is impossible, it almost always guarantees that it won’t be attempted, and if there is no attempt, there can be no achievement. Leaders must be optimistic realists, who approach every challenge looking to how to get it done, and not reasons why something cannot be done. Very little is impossible if we don’t let ourselves to view it that negative way. Remember the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn, who said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

Herbert Mtowo

Herbert Mtowo

Henry Ford is often quoted as saying that “You can think you can or you can think you can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct.” However, as true as this is to each of us in our everyday life, it is even more relevant for leaders. How a leader perceives and conceives a situation often determines his response. But, it is the rare, true leader whose possibility thinking is so proactive and integral to his behavior that he plans in advance, and not waiting to respond. When a leader looks at challenges or potential challenges as mere obstacles to discuss and overcome, he dictates his behavior and not having obstacles and challenges become problems, and problems become paralyzing dictators. Believing in the possible is far more than merely putting on rose-colored glasses, and being a mindset of denial, but rather understanding fully the situation, yet coming up with real solutions, and taking the steps, and putting forth the necessary action to get things done.

A leader can sense malaise and act so, being merely a purveyor of gloom and doom. However, a true leader raises the spirits of those around him, by pointing out what needs to be done to discuss the dispiriting issues, and assure they are addressed proactively into the future. If someone in a position of leadership believes something necessary is impossible, he probably should not be a leader in the first place. True leaders can never be led by their fears and trepidations, but rather must focus on what needs to be done, and alternatives that can get the organization to where they need to be.

Are you a positive, possibility leader? Do you seek long – term solutions, address issues proactively and never think of problems, but rather challenges that need to be overcome? Only when a leader never believes that things are impossible can he be effective and meaningfully lead.



Have you ever wondered why some leaders make success more rapidly than others? It is not purely because they are more talented, better looking, have better ideas or have the best strategic plans. Some of these things impact the outcome, but the defining difference is in their ability to influence.

Leadership author and speaker John Maxwell puts it very simply.

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The ability to influence others is a key quality of a leader. Leaders must embrace the mastery of this skill, as it determines your success or failure. It is your ability to influence that allows you to drive change, build cohesive, high performing teams and successfully carry out strategic plans. To be an effective leader, it is necessary to influence others to support and action your vision, ideas and day-to-day decisions.

Let me be clear… when I speak of influence I am not referring to manipulation. Manipulation may get you what you want in the short-term but the long-term damage to your reputation and your leadership will not be worth it. Your role as a leader is to mobilize people to believe in a compelling vision and act towards meeting a common goal. You are there to show them what is possible and to influence desired actions in an effort to deliver excellence in everything they set out to do. Great leaders lead and influence by modelling a winning attitude and encouraging others to continue to stretch and grow their skills and abilities. Influence, like leadership can be learnt.

Your influence is built on a foundation of:

1. Trust. People follow, believe in and work harder for people who they trust. Without trust there is an absolute limit to your ability to create lasting influence. Trust is built over time out of genuine relationships, care and consistency of behavior. You will notice when people trust you, they will believe in your vision, be more willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone and go the “extra mile” to get the job done.

2. Like ability. Amy Cuddy, of Harvard Business School, found that projecting “warmth” is the key to having influence. Research has shown that leaders who are rated low on likability have about a one in 2,000 chance of being regarded as effective. WOW! So it is important to make sure that you are approachable, positive, genuine, caring and warm if you wish to succeed as a leader.

3. Genuine Relationships. Those with the greatest amount of influence are almost always those with the strongest relationships. Think about the people whom you have solid relationships with. Are you more likely to go out of your way to help them, support them and champion their success? Of course you are. The same goes for your relationships at work.

4. And while building genuine relationships with your team, customers and others at work, you will build and strengthen your trust and likability reason, thus further strengthening the degree of your influence.

The bottom line is that your leadership influence is more to do with your character and who you are being each day when your show up at work than anything else. Take a sincere interest in others, work on your likability and strengthen the relationships with those around you and sit back and watch your influence and so your impact and results flourish. What can you do today to take steps to build even more trust, elevate your likeability score and your strengthen relationships?

Leaders can learn lessons from Ferguson

A  legend Sir Alex

A legend Sir Alex

By Shelina Begum

Leaders in all walks of life can learn a lot from Sir Alex’s legacy. Focus, determination, attention to detail and the ability to adapt and bounce back from setbacks are all key qualities that make the very best leaders stand out from the crowd. And there can be few better examples of that than Sir Alex in this region, if not the country.

Professor Chris Bones, of Manchester Business School, said the three key lessons leaders can learn from Sir Alex are:
1. Set the highest possible standards for yourself and for others’
2. Appoint good people around you and delegate responsibility as well as accountability
3. Learn from setbacks and mistakes and use them to make you better.

Prof Bones said it is rare for leaders in any walk of life to enjoy the longevity Sir Alex did – even if he did nearly get the sack back in 1989. Ironically one of the unique aspects of Manchester’s civic leadership is that there has been a continuity not seen in other cities. At the same time, however, even Manchester council chief executive Sir Howard Bernstein took the reins more than 12 years after Sir Alex did.

Prof Bones said: “In a world where leaders in all walks of life have increasingly short shelf-lives Sir Alex is the exception. “He is also the exception in knowing when to call it a day. “There’s always the temptation to hang on for one more ‘success’ and when what beckons is a future where whatever power and influence you have is exercised at home, many successful leaders stay on past their sell-by dates. Going at the top, when no-one is asking tough questions, is a great call.”

According to Prof Bones, fans need not worry that United will falter under a new boss. He added: “Great organisations where a team has delivered the results under the direction of great leader manage leadership transitions very well. “Sir Alex’s successor should not try to replicate his approach but be confident in their own style, abilities and decisions. MUFC will only suffer from this decision if its owners expect exactly the same approach. “Sir Alex, like any other great leader, cannot be imitated or replicated: but he can be followed by an equally effective person.”

There is something about that comeback against Bayern Munich that sums up Ferguson’s indomitable spirit. Such in his longevity even the bit-part players attract attention. The guy who held aloft a banner “Three years of excuses and it’s still crap – tara fergie” during a particularly painful home defeat to Crystal Palace in 1989, the man who raced onto the golf course four years later to tell the Scot he was a league champion.

Yet there is more to this complex character. Every day, he honours a long-standing commitment to let a couple of older chaps who used to attend training at the Cliff, to watch his squad go through their paces. The biggest club in the world, opening doors to two of their most devoted fans. Ferguson makes that happen.

When friends or acquaintances are ill or in need, he makes it his business to offer support when most others would not bother. He has offered advice to countless young managers trying to make their way in the game. Ferguson is not perfect, far from it. But who is? How could anyone be when they have been at the top of their profession for so long?

But it is impossible to remain unmoved by such a huge personality and such a complex character. Last Friday, it wasn’t enough for bottles of champagne to be left waiting for the media to use to toast United’s latest triumph; Ferguson had to pour them all out. Every last one.

My old boss was right. United may keep on winning. But it will never be the same.

Abuse in Relationships defined.

Abuse in Relationships-What is it?

By Herbert Mtowo

There was a time when the word abuse was mostly linked with sex. An abused child was usually one who had been molested by a father or step father. But today the word has come to mean any act which is unacceptable to a spouse. This has reached a place of even being absurd.  A man raises his voice to his wife in anger, and he is accused of abuse. Probably the main reason or excuse given today for divorce is this word abuse. One would think that the Scriptures would speak out clearly on this. You would expect Jesus to have said, “A woman may not divorce her husband except in the case of abuse.”  Yet this is the first thing many women accuse their husbands of in suing for divorce.
So before we can look at this subject closely we must be clear on what we mean by abuse. God’s Word is clear on the roles of a husband and wife. Each has a responsibility in the marriage. When either partner fails to fulfill their role correctly, the marriage is affected. If I were to use the word abuse in a marriage, I would use it to describe the failure of each partner. So before you go accusing your spouse of abuse, begin by looking at your own beam first. You might find that your actions are what lit the flame. And you are just reaping what you sowed. I will look shortly at how each partner can abuse their role. And then, once we understand exactly what abuse is, we can look at some solutions. You will learn what to do when your spouse has failed. You should know how to respond to this God’s way. Then with some new weapons to use, you can overcome this problem in your marriage. You can continue to have a happy marriage by dealing with all abuse as it comes up. If you do it the right way, you might find a new honeymoon beginning. You will end up more in love than before. And you will soon forget all the bad things that have happened.

Abuse is in many forms, and is not good for the health of any relationship, it should be dealt with, and victims’ should get counseling and support to recover from the trauma. In the next article I will deal with the several forms of abuse in relationships, strange enough both male and women are perpetrators. Watch the next article as I continue abuse, how to deal with it, how to recover, how to find abuse tendencies in your partner. There are several causes of abuse, of which I will deal with so that everybody people are fully informed. Despite the reasons by many, there is never a justification for abuse, in any form, whether sexually, physically, verbally; psychologically etc the list is long. Both men and women should be schooled enough to deal with differences, handle forms of pressure in relationships, finance, sex, children, career and all. 

Abuse in relationships

There are so many forms of abuse in relationships,

  • Psychological Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Economical Abuse

And many others which I will deal with in the next articles. This is a terrible evil in society today for so many reasons, alcohol, drugs, culture, untreated stress, depression, and several others are great triggers and contribute most to abuse. We will look at how best to help the victims of abuse, the perpetrators themselves, but the reality of it is that we have so much of it going on around and society has been quiet or not sure of how  best to respond to this modern-day evil. We have to deal with it and bring awareness to society about this terrible modern minister. But the truth of the mater is there is no excuse for abuse of any form or kind, no matter the reasons and justifications, which some culture want us to understand. Women are meant to be loved, adored, cherished and appreciated. I challenge society and all men, to expose this evil and kick it out of our marriages, homes, relationships, workplaces and community. The first step to dealing with abuse effectively is for us to acknowledge its existence in our society, homes and workplaces today.

To be continued