Coach Herbert

This is your life. Become Aware of the Truth. No one is forcing you to do anything that you don’t want to do. You aren’t here on earth as a punishment to live and pay or some crime that your parents of family has committed, but you are here to live your life, your life lite it as you.

I hope you get this clear in your mind that, nobody is forcing you to live a lie. I can also remind you that, No one is making you go and do a job that you don’t want to do. You have the choice to live life on your own terms, the choice is still with you so don’t blame no parents, no society no government, no husband, no wife and pliz wake up and stop blaming people this is your life.

Now and then I see that many people seem to forget that they do have a choice in how they want to live their life. But many people resign themselves to living a life that they don’t want to live and spend the rest of their days complaining about their situation and all their money problems.

From this day, week and year hear me and hear me well, start to eliminate the things that you hate to do or the people you don’t want to be around. Get rid of the habits and people that are keeping you from living your greatest life. Sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of a greater life, self-denial for the greater good, for humanity, for a life of service is essential, so it seems.

Many of your reading this article, really need to take an introspection into your lives and distance yourself from the mediocre activities that resign you to an average life and engage daily in those activities that elevate you and your life on a trajectory to massive success.

Success is inevitable to those who take daily action on the right tasks. It is inevitable, success will be yours, as Jim Rohn  once said: “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” Small daily wins lead to stunning results, a year from now, five years from now, and ten years from now.

Take time to develop your life by doing, small daily wins which lead to stunning results, a year from now, five years from now, and ten years from now. Where will you be in the future? Who will you be? What will you be doing? Have you thought about this? This is your life so you should make a plan of how you want to spend it, if you don’t, then no one else will for you.

I want you believe in yourself, and know with deep conviction within yourself that you are far more capable than you know, with action in the direction of your dreams and by tackling your fears, the real warrior unravels from within, but if you choose to cower away and be timid in life and do not take any action then you will live a life of mediocrity, what a shame it is, that many CHOOSE to stay trapped in a life that they hate rather than build the life of their dreams.

You can fly as high as you desire. You can soar with the greats. You can be legendary.

You can do this. Yes You Can. This is your life. Take full responsibility.Best wishes to you you all. This is your life make the best out of it. peace and Love to you.




DSC_0001By Coach Herbert.

You must let go of what holds you back from living your greatest life so that you may fly. Detach yourself from the things and people that weigh you down and hold you back from living a life of greatness. Thoughts, feelings, actions, and people that are mediocre must be removed from your life, absorb what is beneficial, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own. Empty your mind and be free, forgive, forget, move on, let go, yesterday has been and gone, there is no benefit in dwelling on the past; it is a new day, so begin again.

The memories of the past hold many back, past failures, past defeats, past pains, past struggles, past adversity, and past disappointments. It does not matter what happened yesterday, if you knew better you would have done better, no one is born a genius, we have to figure things out by ourselves mainly, we can be guided by our elders and peers to follow a certain path but ultimately it is our actions that reveal to us the true path that we really want to take. Others cannot walk the path for you, it is your journey.

Let go of the people who try to keep you down and confine you to where you are, why do people have the need to tell others what they cannot do? Most people are just weak minded and they try to impose their disbelief on others with their stupid views on what is attainable. Winners get up and take action, losers just sit around assuming failure. Be a winner and take action, so what if things do not work out, at least you tried, and at least you had the courage to take action.

Commit yourself to being an action taker in all aspects of your life, your dream life does not come about by wishing, it comes as a result of action. The more action you take the stronger you will get. Conquer your fears and fight for what you want.

We must let go of all those things that weigh us down within ourselves, the negative thoughts that play on your mind add no value to your life but cause you to lose focus on your mission, negative thoughts are mini distractions that are trying to destroy you from within. Shut those thoughts down and replace them with what you want to accomplish.

Adopt the beginner’s mindset, of not being paralyzed by the memories of failure. Be a beginner again, when life was an enjoyable adventure of courage, fearlessness, and action. When we are younger we are more fearless but when we go through life being around the mediocre folk we start to mirror their cowardice. Empty yourself of conformity. The shackles of conformity imprison many to a fake life but that does not have to be the case for you. You do not have to remain confined to a life you don’t want to live.

Hasn’t the time come for you to step it up to a whole new level? Hasn’t the time come for you to live life on a different level? Hasn’t the time come for you to be who you want to be? Hasn’t the time come for you to eradicate negativity from your life? Hasn’t the time come for you to focus on success? Hasn’t the time come for you to see what you are truly made of? And hasn’t the time come for you to spread your wings and fly?





Coach Herbert

Procrastination kills dreams, and it’s the number one reason people fail to do their goals.  If you take time to sit with me and listen to me share my life experiences, you’ll realize that, I was once a victim of procrastination big time. “I wasn’t sure what to do first,” “I didn’t feel like it”and“I just didn’t have time” and now I can boldly tell you these are all unfortunately  lame excuses that lead you to poverty or depression. Don’t let your dream life slip away simply because you kept putting it off.

For a moment have ever thought, “Why do the majority of people procrastinate on living their life?” It seems as though many people don’t take action on what they truly want for their life. There is a severe epidemic of life procrastination that has swept the globe. People don’t go after the dreams they want, the goals they want, they job they want, the marriage they want, and the life that they want. Are you going to be a coward and procrastinate on living the life that you can live?

Procrastination is, “The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.” Don’t put your future or life on hold, or let it waste away until you become too old to do anything about what is meant to be yours. Life is way too short. Look around. Read the obituaries. And the one big issue that gets in the way of us reaching our potential and having a fantastic life is, Procrastination. It’ll suck the life right out of you in no time flat. Let’s combat it, together

Many people put off doing what needs to be done because they are too busy engaging in nothing, the majority are doing nothing with their days but getting entertained by the clowns on TV. Don’t just sit around watching other people living the life of their dreams, you must get up and take action today. Today is the day that you get on a new path of greatness. Go after all that you want, what are you waiting for, do you not know that success is up to you, it is your responsibility to live today. Are you going to wait until you are 60 years old to live, what a waste that shall be? Old age is not promised to anyone.

Don’t people get tired of living the same year over and over, it is as though people are blind to their mediocrity? Get up and get in the game of success, the majority are in the game of failure, it takes nothing to be like everyone else, doing the same old nonsense day after day. Everyone says they want to be successful and they want to be wealthy, what a bloody lie, your grind proves what you are serious about. People don’t read the books on success, they don’t listen to the personal development and motivational videos, they don’t go to the seminars, they don’t surround themselves with ambitious people, they don’t do anything that is aligned to success and then people say they are serious, no you are not. Successful people are serious and that is reflected in their time, effort and investment in success, look at what you invest in, do you invest in success or failure, do not lie to yourself. There are only two types of people in this world, the ones who do and the ones who do not.

If you want to change your life up you need to become a doer and take action every damn day, you need to put in the work and continue until you get to where you want to be. For how many more years are you going to procrastinate on doing what you need to do, for how long shall you continue on the path of mediocrity, 90% of the world are not serious about life improvement but they are serious about life procrastination, the difference between the winners and the losers is action. Get up and set your goals, plans and deadlines, and go to work on them today. There are only five to six main areas in life that demand your attention, focus on what matters most and cut those things that do not.

Start by doing the small tasks straight away no matter what it is, master the small tasks and then you can master the big tasks in life. Stop watching so much TV and entertainment, focus on self-education and personal development. Free up time that you waste on meaningless things for success orientated tasks.

I hope and pray that his article will push you to start on a new path, forget the past, it’s time to change and take it up to a new level. You have to separate yourself from the crowd and be a person of action. One year from now you can be wherever you want to be if you get up and take action. Believe in yourself, you have all that you need within you but you must bring it forth by going to work on yourself. If you do not get on the path of success you will be resigned to a life of mediocrity. The choice is yours. Get up and take action, you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

Oftentimes, when we procrastinate, we get into the “woe is me” mindset.  Stop spending so much time worrying about “why not me” and make opportunities happen for yourself!  Adopt a “Right Now” attitude.  When you set aside time to work on your goal, get into the habit of focusing on what’s important now.  Things will never be perfect, and the time will never be just right.  So don’t be afraid to just go for it, and do it now!

If you keep putting off important tasks that bring you closer to reaching your goals, this bad habit alone could kill your dreams!  Don’t let it!  Quit procrastinating, step into greatness by kicking procrastination out of your life and take action NOW!

Join the C-Team-Champions and be a certified Champion and a winner all the way.

A life of inspiring others.  


Abraham LincolnBy Herbert Mtowo

It seems nowadays society, mankind is getting more and more selfish, unkind, greedy and uncaring for anybody. But believe you me this isn’t the way to go and be able to achieve much. Africa bleeds at and is suffering at as a result of despots, selfish, heartless leaders parading as saviours and heroes. There is a rise of a new breed of leaders, politicians and business people in Africa who put people first. Their joy is in seeing poverty, down trodden and hopeless peasants be inspired and cared for enough to rise to greatness.

The men and women , who are the true entrepreneurs, are those individuals who make the biggest impact to society in a positive manner, to touch people’s lives’ and improve it for the better. The ones who are just committed to accumulating the most wealth will fail in their endeavours ultimately, success is not about how wealthy you become, it is about how many people you can help to live a better life. In this life I have observed that, the ones, who truly succeed, are those who chase after a bigger vision, who aim to help millions of people by sacrificing their own desires to live in the service of others.

My challenge to you and me in 2016 and beyond is to be   selfless and make the world a better place for all, you were born unique, you were born with your own dreams and talents, don’t let it lay dormant and die with you. I am of the strong belief that,an  un-lived life is a life wasted, attack your fears with determination, and chase after your dreams, turn your dreams into goals and live life on your terms. Be different and aim for greatness, you truly are special.

I am sure that many successful,people know what the meaning of hard work is, they don’t sit around acting like everyone else. Those who are dedicated to living life on their terms spend time every single day working on their goals, it’s not a maybe, it’s a must, you must allocate time to success. Most people have a laid back approach to life, they say I will do something different tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. The question is why are you not doing it today, why is there such a lacklustre approach to life, people get comfortable in average, do you really think that this is you at your highest potential, just know that you can do more.

There is no magic in success but it comes  only  from hard work, nothing will come to you without putting in the time and effort, move away from the way everyone else is living, you have to start acting differently, if you want to live differently, don’t act like everyone else. People make time for failure, but they haven’t got time for success.

The beginning of any project is the hardest because you are building something out of nothing, you are laying down the foundation for your future, the foundation must be strong so that no matter what happens you persevere and continue building until you are where you want to be. Don’t give up, the weak give up, stay consistent and make time for life-improvement every single day, allocate one to two hours of your day to success, if you don’t make success a priority how do you expect to become successful.

I dare you,If you want to become an entrepreneur you must get in the game, start something today with what you have, nothing is perfect in the beginning, improvements come about from failure, how do you expect to know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t start something. Reading, learning and researching are great on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, however taking action is the best thing that you can do.

The  progress  that you and me can make,in terms of becoming an entrepreneur is to take action, that is what takes you from where you are, to where you want to be, get on the road of success.

Talk is truly cheap, people love to complain but when it comes to putting in the work they’re nowhere to be seen, people like to talk big, but they don’t get up and grind, people are deluded, they are living in a state of delusional insanity. Do you want to be like everyone else, make a choice today, average or great? If you want to see changes in your life, make some changes, if you do nothing, you get nothing. People who are serious get up and put in the work

Those dreams that seem unattainable became attainable through hard work, hard work will take you anywhere you wish to go, believe in yourself you can do this. Nothing worth having comes easy in life; don’t ever give up on your dreams.

Live a life of helping others and help to make a positive impact on the world, people assume they should just concern themselves with their own lives earning their wage, living without contributing to making the world a better place, we are all one people, some have been given more, and some have less, so the ones who have an opportunity to help others should take the opportunity to make a difference .Never look down upon people, who are not where they can be, we all have been at the bottom, advice is better than insults.

We all have been given gifts that we must utilize to create a better world, leave the world a better place then you found it, you have something special within you to offer the world. It is easy to just live the 9-5 life, but to live in the service of others is true greatness, to touch people’s lives in a positive way so that they don’t have to struggle in life, we are all capable of helping others to improve their quality of life

Don’t start a business to just make money, start a business to make a difference that will change the world, be a game changer and be bold, there are thousands of companies that are solely focused on just accumulating the most wealth, be different and do something that will elevate you up with the some of the greats such as Tony Robbins,Richard Branson,Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela. Start a business based on the vision of helping people and the money will follow, the priority is goodness, do good and good will come to you in abundance.

Start small, think big, work hard and never give up. Get up and go out there and change the lives of millions of people. Believe in yourself you can do anything, one person can change the world for the better if they are determined to do so. Find a higher purpose and live a life of meaning, don’t just waste your days and resources doing nothing, complaining and not moving forward. Life is too short to be a spectator.

I want to ask you this question, take your time to answer it:” What you are going to do to make the world a better place.” We all have opportunities in life, sad many a times opportunities come when a=we are least prepared and others seize them and have a stronger desire to accomplish than others have. Desire is the difference, how bad do you want to be relevant to life and mankind.

I want to hear from you how has your year started and share with me your plan and goals and how you making sure they become fruitful and real

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The KEY is setting up goals

Herbert Mtowo

Herbert Mtowo

By Herbert Mtowo
In many situations people use words goals and objectives as interchangeable. Yet, in the context of goal setting, the difference between goals and objectives has an important practical meaning. After you set your important goals you move to setting objectives. Objectives are also goals, but they are down the hierarchy. They are sub goals set with the only purpose to serve your goals. Turn on the KEY by setting up real realistic, tangible and achievable goals
Resolutions are nice, feel-good statements; but are a waste of time. They have no substance and rarely, if ever, create any sustainable improvement in people’s lives. I recommend you DO NOT make New Year’s Resolutions! Rather, set goals for The New Year! Setting goals is key to your achievement.
It is important to note that to achieve your goals, which conditions should you provide, which resources should you collect, which skills should you develop, what knowledge should you acquire? Is there anything significant you should achieve before you can reach your goals? Formulate the answers to these questions as your objectives, in writing.
If one is able to do this correctly and properly, it can transform you from tired and weary to energetic and excited. It can motivate you to push yourself beyond previous expectations. It can encourage you to learn from every experience. It can fill you with a positive spirit. It can inspire persistence. It can bring on sure and steady effort. It can produce incredible results. My lessons from my mentor Larry on goal setting have been revolutionary and life changing indeed.
It is a fact of life that, many people eventually realize how important goal setting is for their personal and business success. Only very few have gone so far as to actually sit and put their goal statements in writing. This is a very unfortunate situation. It is well established that it is the process of writing your goal statements that actually puts your goals to work. A reality and factor of life is that without setting goals, life is empty, boring too rigid and nothing exciting as the dawn of a new day begins, whereas goal setting makes life vibrant and worthy while to live and look into the future with hope an joy. So setting up goals isn’t just a routine exercise but, a KEY to turn around one`s life and a step into greatness. Many people find life so tiring and with nothing to live for because they don’t have anything to live for.
It is in this goal writing process that your subconscious mind starts taking your goals seriously. Your mind gets all the necessary signals to start moving you forward. And those signals are better to be very clear and direct, no confusing or conflicting messages. They should include clear visual images of your written goals. What is it about GOAL setting? It is a clearly defined goal — something meaningful and challenging to which you can look forward. The amount of effort you can produce and the number of obstacles you can transcend will be significantly affected by the desirability of the reward you pursue.
If you’re having trouble moving forward, perhaps your dream is not big enough or clear enough or real enough. The effort you put into defining, clarifying and connecting with your dreams will pay valuable dividends of focus, commitment and creative energy. Many get motivated at the start of the year, but can’t keep it up. Some say the problem with motivation is that it wears off! Well, so does bathing! Yet, most people bathe everyday (we hope). The same has to be done with motivation…it must be ongoing to maintain effectiveness.
To turn your goals into realities, make motivation a part of your daily routine. Commit to reading or listening to something motivational each and every day. Commit to fill your mind with that which is positive and encouraging.
Make your goals strong enough to pull you to them. Not only will you eventually achieve them, you’ll live more abundantly every step of the way. To achieve success, you need both persistence and flexibility. When you face difficulties and unexpected problems, use all your persistence and determination to stick to your goals. But always stay flexible with your objectives and activities. If the way you do things now does not work, try another way. Keep trying until you find the one that works.
The year has just begun, make your life a priority and setting goals a KEY into greatness. Many people have nothing to fight for and nothing to plan for and focus on simply because they don’t have any goals for their lives for the year and long term future. Don’t change the ends, change the means. And never forget the difference between ends and means, between goals and objectives.

My weaknesses are my strengths

By Herbert Mtowo
“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Did you realize that your weaknesses can contain an overwhelming abundance of hidden positive value? Those who only make use of their strengths are missing a big part of the picture. Use your strengths, to be sure, and also make use of your weaknesses. Even the great Paul of the bible, understood the value of making his weaknesses his strengths, instead of fighting the pain he realized he can embrace and cooperate and live with it to bring the best out of him. God spoke to him, “My strengths are made perfect in weakness”.-2 Corinthians 12:10-I AM STRONG

I am strong when I am weak...

I am my own man..

We all have our weaknesses, and when our goal is to persuade, we need to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Equally important, we need to speak up about them. In most business settings, where persuasion is personal and takes place between two people or a small group, a trait that is perceived by others as a weakness-or that you personally experience as a weakness-sometimes needs to be acknowledged out loud by you. That way, you can control people’s perception of the weakness and recast it as strength.
Your weaknesses represent the areas in which you can make the greatest, most dramatic improvements. Sure, you can improve on your strengths but any improvement will be incremental. However, when you set out to overcome your weaknesses the change can be stunning. For example, instead of saying to yourself “I’m no good at meeting people” consider what an enormous difference you could make by taking it upon yourself to become better at meeting people. By turning around a particular weakness you can have a dramatic impact. Which brings us to an interesting question: What is a weakness? Things such as gender, race, an accent, height, and so forth are often experienced as disadvantages in the workplace even though they aren’t weaknesses in the same sense that, for example, a stutter or dyslexia or extreme shyness is. Because of that, I almost decided to call this article, “Turn Your Differences Into Strengths.” But in addition to sounding way too politically correct, that misses point. If it feels like a weakness to you in the situation where you want to be persuasive, you need to get it out on the table and turn it into strength.
Half the battle is internal. It’s understanding that you’re as good as everyone else, and believing that what you may perceive as a weakness is actually a strength. The Buddhists teach that the thought is the root, and the root becomes the tree. This is true no matter what your personal profile. Believe that your “weakness” is strength, and you will soon see it in that light. It isn’t a matter of fooling yourself; it’s a matter of being open to a different perspective.
In politics, candidates are forced to turn their weaknesses into strengths in a very public way. The most famous example is probably Ronald Reagan’s quip during a debate with Walter Mondale in 1984. Reagan, who was 73 at the time, announced, “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”
The weakness-into-strength positioning begins at the moment a political career is launched, when the first-time candidate is accused of being inexperienced. The standard response is, “That’s right! I am an outsider, and I’ll be a breath of fresh air in the stale, corrupt halls of power.” Barrack Obama stated that in his campaigns’. In the 2008 Democratic primaries, Barrack Obama famously ran on his outsider status against longtime Washington insiders such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson.
Obama’s eventual opponent, John McCain, had a different weakness to contend with in the Republican primaries. Despite the fact that McCain had been a U.S. senator for 22 years, he was more widely known for having been a prisoner of war. Rudolph Guiliani, the Republican front-runner at the time, was known for “leadership,” a more positive trait when you’re hoping to be president. McCain’s campaign turned his weakness into strength by concluding his television ads with the words, “John McCain for Commander-in-Chief,” rather than the standard, “John McCain for President.” It emphasized his potential for leadership as well as his military heroism, and helped to shift voters’ perceptions about the traits a president should possess.
In any job, making your weakness your strength is a positive. But when you’re persuading, it’s important to remember the other half of the equation: talking about it out loud, so that the unacknowledged “weakness” doesn’t distract people from your message.
What do you think your weaknesses are? Are they keeping you from starting something new, from pursuing a dream? Sometimes we have fears about our weaknesses without realizing it. Take a minute to think about what you’ve always wanted to do, or what you’re doing now. What are your fears? What do you perceive to be your weaknesses? What are your limitations, and what’s holding you back?
Everyone is blessed with numerous weaknesses. Instead of denying them or trying not to think about them, select a few and make the effort to overcome them. It can be a truly life changing experience.Go ahead turn your weaknesses in 2015 and beyond into your reservoirs of strengths..Make the best out of 2015,remeber you and me only have now and today to accomplishment all that we ant to accomplish in life.

A Helping Hand In Life !

BY Larry Lewis

Helping you to the top

Helping you to the top

I believe that with the right support everyone can reach their full potential all you have to do is reach out to the right person and ask for a helping hand in life.

The biggest struggle most people seem to deal with through life is when difficulties take over and you lose all sense of purpose. What makes this even worse is when disarray sets in from some area of life, such as finances, and make you feel as though you’re losing control over everything in your life.

One man who I find inspirational is Richard Branson and he wrote something that brings an essential message for you all to read:

Many people think that an entrepreneur is someone who operates alone, overcoming challenges and bringing his idea to market through sheer force of personality. This is completely inaccurate. Few entrepreneurs — scratch that: almost no one — ever achieved anything worthwhile without help. Richard Branson – Not Going It Alone

The same applies to our journey through life. This is so simple. We all need a helping hand in life.

Life is a journey that can often leads to different forks in the road and we have to make choices about which way to go and what route would be the best for us. Many times we find that we need to seek others to advise us about what has worked for them, how they have reached their destinations with the greatest success. It is at those times that we need a mentor, a helping hand in life, someone who has already walked the road and has learned from their mistakes and how to help others avoid the pitfalls that they may have experienced in their life’s journey.

We can all need a helping hand sometimes when life is tough. By gaining insight to both your problem and yourself you can find new ways to deal with life. Choose your preferred language and find out more.

People learn so many things throughout the course of life! If you want to build a meaningful life, you need to find wise people willing to share what they’ve learnt on their journey.

So many of you probably hate to admit that you are in the need of support from others. Most people would rather keep their problems to themselves believing nobody could or would help them. They live in the desperate hope that somehow they’ll figure it all out for themselves.

Life is too short to struggle through on your own. There is a great saying that is “A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

Finding the right helping hand will enable you to receive valuable advice and guidance to support you in reaching your goals, develop skills, and improve your life. They will also give you motivation and emotional support, and are just as invested in your success as you are!

Imagine yourself standing on their shoulders and learning from their personal experiences (good and bad) and having access to their pool of knowledge. I am sure you can see just how beneficial this relationship can be for you in developing and reaching your goals.

Besides cheering you on, they can help by providing you with an outside perspective of what you are going through, offering you constructive criticism and positive feedback.

I’m here for you. If you need me. I am excited to offer up all my knowledge and life experiences to you being a helping hand in life for you. Come swim in my pool of knowledge and utilize the resources here at or let me help you reach your goals faster by working with me as your life coach

Recover from your mistakes

By Larry Lewis

Isn’t it time for you to stop beating yourself up for that slip-up you made and now make this the moment where you allow yourself to recover from your mistakes? It’s cost you enough already. By thinking about it all the time and letting it keep you down it’s just doing you no favors, but you don’t need me to tell you that, do you?. Yet you’re still thinking about it, so come on it’s time to STOP.

You now need to realize that no matter the nature of your mistake you need to learn how to limit the damage from it and learn all you can from what has happened.

It is much easier to recover from your mistakes when you see them as a learning opportunity rather than something completely destructive. Now I know this is harder said than done. But let me assure you, when mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn, you give yourself the mindset that will enable you to recover from them. Otherwise you will simply allow the damage to spiral out of control. I should know, that’s what I did through the darkest period of my life.

I can remember like it was only yesterday continuously thinking through all the events leading up to my ‘downfall’ back in 2007 and seeing with intense clarity all the mistakes I had made. They made me feel guilty, inadequate and a failure. I couldn’t or wouldn’t allow myself to see beyond them. My attention seemed transfixed on everything that had happened so I allowed them to continue having a hold over me, they had taken center stage in my mind.

You can recover

You can recover

I had forgotten about all my successes and great decisions that had led to me having built such a great life with wonderful possessions. My mind simply focused on what I’d done wrong instead of remembering what I’d done right. Even if somebody had told me at that time to” learn from what had happened and set about on taking action to recover from your mistakes” I’d have probably have ignored them. Allowing my mistakes to keep hold of me ensured I was unable to move my life forward.

That is what I love about my role now as a blogger and a coach. I can use my experiences and mistakes to help guide others, enabling them to make better decisions and helping them to deal with the mistakes they make. I will tell them it is possible to recover from your mistakes but you’ve got to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop wasting time thinking of ‘only if’s.’

So here let me offer a better way to enable you to recover from your mistakes.

1. Recognize you have made a mistake.

Don’t shut your eyes and hope when you open them the mistake will have simply disappeared. Do not leave your mail unopened so that you don’t have to deal with the consequences. Make sure you recognize and acknowledge the mistake you have made, admit that it has happened. Yes you have made a mistake, own up to it so you can start to deal with it and learn from the experience.

2. Refuse to adopt a victim mentality

Don’t look for excuses, blame the world or anybody that you can, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t waste time looking for the outside forces to point the finger at, instead take responsibility for what you have done and the following consequences.

3. Don’t hold it in
You need to communicate with others, share your feelings, express your concerns and brainstorm possible solutions. Sometimes the answers may be hard to find, but keep going, keep talking, looking for solutions is a very positive way of dealing with the situation you are in, and allows you to share your problem which I can say is important because trying to deal with things on your own makes it so much more difficult. Also you need to apologize to those close to you who may also have to deal with the repercussions of what’s happened. You owe it to them to ensure they have an opportunity to look for solutions with you and for them to know you share everything with them.

3. Get rid of your Ego

Don’t think that your reputation is on the line. Probably my biggest mistake was when disaster struck; I cut myself off from the world, particularly my good friends, because I couldn’t face the embarrassment of them knowing. This was purely my ego. It also prevented me from looking at things as they really were, I simply didn’t want to admit to myself that my successful world had disappeared. My pride couldn’t handle it. How stupid!

5. Resolve the problem

An obvious step but one that we frequently avoid. As I said earlier we fool ourselves that things can fix themselves. Well they can’t and they won’t. You need to gather your strength and salvage what you can from your situation. There are always solutions to every problem; you just have to dig until you find the best one available to you. Research possible ways; speak to the right people until you find the best possible solution to resolve your problem.

6. Learn from your mistake

In everything we do and everything that happens to us there is a lesson we can learn to help us become better, happier and more successful in the long run. Everything I learned from the hurdles put up in front of me on my life’s journey have provided me with my way of fulfilling my dream of helping other people.

I know many of you are still being affected by mistakes you made long ago and you’ve been unable to put things behind you. It is time to say “It is finished.” Every day that goes by let your past dissolve into history making sure you do the right things today.

Let my granddaughters favorite movie have the last words. Here is some dialogue from the Disney

Movie ‘The Lion King.’

Rafiki: Ahhh. Change is good.
Simba: Yeah, but it’s not easy. I know what I have to do. But, going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.
{Rafiki whacks Simba on the head with his staff.}
Simba: Oww! Jeez– What was that for?
Rafiki: It doesn’t matter; it’s in the past! {laughs}
Simba: {Rubbing head} Yeah, but it still hurts.
Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.
{As Rafiki picks up his staff, Simba starts running off.}

So please stop punishing yourself for your mistakes. Let it go! Forgive yourself officially and take every effort to recover from your mistakes.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw


By Herbert Mtowo

I am sure we all heard of the old statement that goes: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. Is this true? How would you motivate the horse to drink? What is motivation? How do you get motivation to work? There is so much theory on motivation but what works in the real world, but I am sure we can look at it from various angles, and probably debate about it forever. But the point is, inspiring others and being inspired to accomplish great things in life is something we all need to have.

Motivation is the reason for acting a certain way. It’s the desire to do something for a desired outcome.

Goals motivate us as does fear, pain, pleasure, along with a whole host of other reasons. If we know these things motivate us, how do we use this for the good of those around us? How do we get people to do the right things for the right reasons, even when they think differently?

In the old saying above about the horse, there are a few ways to motivate the horse to drink. You can work him thereby creating a thirst or you could add salt to his feed or you could do both. Now when you lead him to the water, he will drink on his own, problem solved. You just had to get him thirsty enough to want to drink on his own!

In the case of people, we need to make them thirsty enough to want to do what is best in order to get them to act in their self-interest. You just need to add salt! Your salt should be whatever motivates those you are concerned about. It might be money, things, food and shelter or it could be recognition, peer approval, etc. It could also be all of these things.

Our job is to find out what motivates those around us and work with them to help them reach their full potential. By helping them reach their goals they will inadvertently help us reach our goals. Make sure that you totally focus on their goals.

As I have set and talked to many of my friends in the sales and estate business, most of them admit openly that, to survive one has to be highly motivated and have loads of inspiration to survive and make it in the field. One of them clearly laid it out for me by saying, if you are working with someone in estates, pressuring them to reach their quota is the old method that really doesn’t work for everyone involved. They may reach their quota but they resent the pressure. Why not take time, to find out what their goals are and help them to see that it will take so many calls, letters, follow-up, etc., to get enough appointments to make enough sales to earn enough to reach their goals, doesn’t that sound much better?

You were born a winner and a champion, get motivated to live the life you deserve and help others to get motivated as well!

The game changer

Herbert Prince Mtowo

Go on and achieve your goals.



Stay on the task

Stay on the task

Sometimes we rush into making decisions and regret the choices we make. A hasty decision could lead to long-term disappointment. So it’s best you think through everything clearly, but don’t delay to long, because sometimes you’ll go past the point where your decisions matter.

One of the unalterable rules I live by is this: “You can do anything you want in life, but you can’t do everything!” Therefore, you have to know what you want to accomplish before you can decide what you should do next. In other words, you must have a Preferred Future.

60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace once said to Texas Billionaire H.L. Hunt, “It’s been rumored you make 17 million dollars a year.” H.L. responded, “If I only made 17 million dollars, I’d starve. Making 17 million dollars is easy. All you have to do is learn to give up something.”

All highly successful people have learned to say “no” to opportunities of lesser value than those they are currently pursuing. As a business owner, you have to know when to say “no” to perceived opportunities that do not help you do your Preferred Future. And to do that you have to know what it is that you want. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know what decisions along the way will help you get there, nor will you know when you’ve arrived.

Understand that when you build a business, the business becomes a tool to help you do what you want. It isn’t the be-all and end-all. Your business is the means to an end, not the end itself. We all have unique talents, gifts, and a destiny in life. Having a successful business will help you do those things and reach your Preferred Future.

If you look at the creative geniuses in life (Bach, Beethoven, DaVinci, Renoir) many of them were able to do what they did because they had benefactors, people who supported them while they achieved their Preferred Future. Unfortunately, those days are passed; most of us live without the support of a benefactor. Unless you make your business your benefactor! If your business earns the income you need to do what you want, then your business has become your benefactor and you can do your Preferred Future.

When you clarify what you want to accomplish in life, you equip yourself with motivation, inspiration, energy, creativity, and the ruthlessness to say no to things that disrupt you.

So, what’s in your way? Why don’t you take time to clarify your Preferred Future? Easy. You get consumed making a living and creating a livelihood for yourself, your family, your staff, and your business. You focus on survival – how to get through the day, the week, the month. And you sneak in the creative, pro-active stuff when you can, things like customer service, client acquisition, staff training, computer upgrades, and so on.

This behavior is defusing. Our three resources – time, energy, creativity – are consumed with creative solutions for today’s problems as opposed to being used to create our Preferred Future