BY Herbert Mtowo

Achievers always remember to look for the possibilities. Possibility thinking is a winning state of mind. Have confidence in your possibilities. If you do not think you WILL succeed, or CAN succeed no one is going to believe it either. Success in any area follows what you truly believe about the situation. And Better said, success follows what you believe about yourself.

Rather than considering what is convenient, consider the possibilities. Instead of arguing about who is to blame, search for what is possible. The more stress and uncertainty in a situation, the more possibilities . Like magic, possibilities can turn failure into success. When you keep an eye open for possibilities, you’ll discover countless opportunities.

What is possible for you today? What is possible in your job? What is possible for your family? Every moment is a choice. Keep yourself fully aware of the possibilities and choose to follow the most positive ones.

Here is a story I have heard years back,

Living my possibilities

Living my possibilities

when I was still in Sunday school, which I have thought of over and over as I have grown into a man. An eagle lays an egg but somehow the egg finds its way into a chicken coup. A chicken incubates the egg with all her others and when it hatches, she rears the eaglet as if it were one of her own chicks. It learns to peck the dust for food, to flap its wings and to strut around the farmyard. One day, an eagle flies by overhead. The little eagle looks up and sees this, and says to himself, “I wish I were an eagle, how majestic, how free, and how beautiful to be like that and have such a life.” The eagle lived like a chicken and died like a chicken, because that’s what he thought he was.

What we truly believe in is what we inevitably become, and it is how we will act for the rest of our lives.
Every day we battle our negative emotions of inferiority. Often we think we are not good enough, or because of this struggle or that flaw, we cannot be great. We judge ourselves based upon mistakes and failures that we made in the past. We hold onto a negative self-image and project that into the world.

‘What to do with these negative thoughts and doubts?’ is the question. We learn our core beliefs at an early age from our parents and other influences. As we mature, we come to understand that we are not victims, and we are in charge of our life no matter our childhood or past. Getting rid of these negative doubts and thoughts isn’t easy. The pesky doubts seem to nag, always in the back of the mind.

You are more than your past. You are more than your limitations. You are more than the troubles of the moment. You are full of great possibilities. Open your eyes to them. Look into your possible futures, and select the very best one.

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