Balance and focus is all we need.

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By Herbert Mtowo

HUNDRED email messages are waiting for you to read and respond to in the morning. And a book has to be edited and be ready for publishing. The phone starts ringing at 7:00 am. There is GYM sessions to do daily in the afternoon and a meeting with my publishers tonight and a deadline nearing for the next publication, there are ten or twelve new Web sites that you want to take a look at. Somebody told you about an interesting article on my blog and Larry Lewis`s blog too. The phone just keeps on ringing. You’ve got to drop everything to get that presentation ready in time for tonight`s Public Speaking The afternoon email count is 55. On the way to the gym session, you get 8 more phone calls.

Will it ever end? Constantly, relentlessly, day in and day out, at night, on weekends, wherever you are, it just keeps coming. Information, responsibility, decisions, projects. Things demanding your time and your attention, you finish one and three more pop up to take its place.

How can you possibly deal with it all? Don’t you feel like throwing up your arms and screaming?
The need for focus is becoming more and more critical. There is simply too much to deal with. If you are not focused, your time gets eaten away by all the thousands of details that make up life. If you are not highly focused, you’re probably not getting anything accomplished. What we focus on is very important for our lives. It is our focus that bring us riches, love and harmony, but only if used right!

Life never lets up. And now, with computers and the Internet, the problem is worse by an order of magnitude. There is just so much information coming at you. Unless you make a conscious effort to focus your attention, you’ll be mired in meaningless data.

Focus is what ties everything together, gives it a context, gives you something productive to do with it all. Without it, you’ll be pulled in 15 different directions at once, and will never get anywhere. Did you know that if you focus all the energy of a single light bulb into a tiny tiny beam. You create so much focus energy that it could burn trough the sun!

All of us have so much mental energy moving around in all directions. All the commercials that makes us lose focus ass well. You can have it all just not right now! If you only would focus your mental energy on one thing at the time you will achieve so much more in less time than ever before.

Make the decision to focus your efforts. Decide what you want to do today and concentrate on that until it is done. Decide what you want to do this week, this month, this quarter, this year. Because once your daily goals get accomplished, the world is waiting to suck you back in if you’re not focused on the next step. That is why goals are so important. They keep you focused and headed in the direction you want to go.

When you have a clear sense of direction, then everything becomes an opportunity instead of a distraction. All the information that you take in can now be viewed in a context, making it much easier to deal with. All your in-person, email and phone contacts are now opportunities to bounce ideas off of others. Being focused can take all the seemingly unrelated pieces of life and align them to work for you. Remember a successful person always focuses on solutions and where they want to be. They don’t waste time to find out all that can go wrong.
So get a very clear idea of where you are going, of what you want to do. Remind yourself of it often. And almost as if by magic, the energy that is swirling around you will become aligned in the direction of your goals.

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