Affairs: keep growing in today`s society

A few days ago after talking to a close,lovely  friend television and radio personality about a soon to be program,on national television  in this beautiful country. I remember saying to her,dear,be prepared for hatred and war,as you have decided to deal with this topic. many a times I have realized,AFFAIRS a

Affairs are devastating

Affairs are devastating

in`t one of the most popular topics today that includes both men and women. Its something people feel like saying,its not my responsibility so why should I worry.

But believe you me,AFFAIRS have seen many a good family and society,and this has become a world wide problem,affecting people of all colors,nationalities and  cultural backgrounds.Collectively you and me have a role to play as we try to deal with this evil. Some years ago i wrote lots of articles on this issue AFFAIRS and had response through email and telephonic-ally  from people,struggling to come to terms with this evil.

In today’s world infidelity is a very common trend. Modern world has become very complex with growth in technology, standard of living, the desire to acquire more and more have certainly affected mind set and level of expectation from his or her partner has also grown with that. We know infidelity is a subjective feeling and growing rate of infidelity has risen several questions likely who is more likely to indulge in adultery? Is it men or women? And what drives them to adultery? And many more such questions are there to be answered.
Who is more likely to be infidel, men or women?
Nobody wants to be cheated in any relationship but cheating in marital relationship is always a devastating experience for the loyal partner. Infidelity is malicious act and is condemnable. But this is also a reality that it has been growing rapidly in both men and women. Initially there was a perception that only men indulge into infidelity but researchers have proved that women also indulge in this malicious act called infidelity .This is also true that percentage of women in indulging infidelity is less than men research  done  has proved this  to be true through their data and statistical report.Nobody wants to be cheated,but my question remains,why do people cheat if marriage,love and relationships.
Are men more likely to cheat/
There has been number of survey in which majority of the results shows that men are more likely to be infidel. Research also shows that men lack self-control and they are more sexually impulsive in comparison to women which are one of the vital reasons why they are prone to infidelity. In a research it was found that more than 90% of the men did not get into a relationship merely due to sex. They claimed it to be emotional reasons like communication gap, negligence, boredom, to boost their ego, etc.
Are women outgrowing in number than men when it comes to infidelity?
One of the most surprising facts is that the rate of infidelity percentage is getting narrow between men and women. Statistical result shows that women don’t cheat for sex reason. Women self-control is higher than men. Reason for infidelity in women more because of emotional grounds like boredom, less attention were given by their spouse but unfortunately it’s been growing rapidly.
Some researchers have found that the reason behind growing infidelity in women is because of financial independence. But it’s true that women who indulge in infidelity are unhappy in their marital life which was reverse in men’s case. According to several research, it has been proved that majority of men claimed that they were happy in their married life.
Whatever may be the reason, it cannot be denied that in today’s world the biggest challenge in the committed relationship is infidelity. Couples spend more time with their co-workers and chances of attraction are higher, internet and advance telecommunication and technology has made cheating and infidelity lot easier than it used to be.

Stressful life and communication gap is also important reason why rate of infidelity is increasing. This is true that changing environment is also a factor but above all relationship is built on trust and loyalty, if that doesn’t exist and people don’t respect each other feeling then infidelity is unstoppable.